Harness the Power of Your Mind

Darryl Bachmeier
Oct 4, 2020

It all starts in the mind.

Everything is first conceived in your thoughts. And you might not realize that you unconsciously influence your actions with it. At one point, even those around you also either have the same effect on you or they affect you in the same level.

And as you slowly build your focus on something, it creates invisible energy that attracts relevant thoughts, situations, and people. Before you know it, you’ve breathed it into life.

Whether it is something positive or negative is entirely up to you.

Positive: Law of Attraction

Many people believe in the law of attraction.

You already have this vision of the things that will happen exactly the way you want them to be. It is putting your mind into that place of success and then eventually achieving it sooner. By constantly declaring this vision into your life, you eventually attract it.

For some it is like a mantra – you meditate on a motivating phrase that helps you focus your mind into something that pushes you forward.

In your journey towards your goal, your mantra helps you get through challenges. It becomes a reminder that propels you to keep going despite obstacles.

Both of these involve mind conditioning; you set your heart and mind into something to the point of obsession.

The battle for your dream is set deep in your mind. And you engage in one by feeding the good dragons while warding off the bad witches.

You alone motivate and empower yourself.

And with this kind of attention you give your dream to, so your energy flows.

All attributes lead you to that single path – the fulfillment of your vision.

Negative: The Ripple Effect

What’s in you has great power over you. But, be careful how you unleash it as it can backfire.

By giving a negative thought a piece of your attention, it slowly eats your mind up to the point of consummation.

By feeding your mind with thoughts of debt or sickness, you are saying “Yes” to both.

When you choose drama, you allow your emotions to cloud your logic. You start to lose your mindfulness of the present and hope for the future.

Your small negative thoughts soon create a bigger ripple of chained reactions. Thoughts become feelings. Feelings become words. Words become actions – irrevocable ones.

Be wary of the negative ripple effect of the things you put your attention to. What’s conceived in your mind may soon attract bigger undesirable situations in your life. What started as a small drop becomes bigger circles that surround and bound you into negativity.

Your Path, Your Choice

If you still haven’t had that firm grasp on how your attention directs your energy flow, continue reading on.

Let’s do a simple mind map.

Put in the center the word “mind”.

Then, create three arrows pointing toward the center with the word “energy”. On each end of these arrows write “desire”, “intention”, and “beliefs”.

You can now visualize how these three categories of thoughts you feed your mind with release subsequent energy.

Eventually, as if by some amazing force, you create a “magnet” that attracts relevant situations, opportunities, and even people.

Again, it all starts in your mind. And you can control the thoughts you want to cultivate. By setting your mind into something that you want, it tends to repel opposing thoughts and direct you on how you will respond to other emotions outside it.

While you cannot have full control of everything that will happen, you can condition your mind to filter the things you want to affect it.

A more mature approach would be embracing life as it is but not letting go of your focus on your goal. You take it all in, but with acceptance comes freedom of choice.

Get There, Be There

Now, what destination would you like to head to?

What kind of prize are you eyeing at the end of it?

And more specifically, when do you want to get there?

Your journey will start in your mind. How you get to the end is still up to you. But you don’t have to worry because the universe can help you get there. That is if you know how to focus your attention so that energy will flow into it and make it happen.

And in your journey, do not be afraid of contradiction. This helps you solidify your vision and re-align your focus. It also helps you grasp your dream tighter and your eyes set on your goal.

Start disciplining your thoughts by filling it with things that are pleasing, inspiring, and worth your time. Start planting the seeds of change. Nurture positivity, abundance mindset, and successful ventures in your mind. These things will lead you to that best version of yourself.

Eventually, you’ll get there.

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