Guide to tracking your expenses

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 12, 2020

Defining the term ‘Tracking your Expenses’

Tracking your expense means having a series of a systemic approach to manage the influx and outflux of your money strategically. Tracking your money allows you to track the exact single dollar that has been spent around into the categories that you have made according to your needs.

Why Do You Need To Track Your Expenses?

Tracking your expense is one of the main things you need to do as an adult. When you keep an eye on your expenditures, you allow yourself to be more responsible and make correct choices that can benefit you the most. Tracking your expense also allows you to make improvements and create more savings, hence making your life more organized.

Advantages of Expense Tracking

Here is a list of amazing reasons why you need to track your spending and expenditures:

Creates Healthy Spending Habits

Tracking where your money goes puts things into perspective. It allows you to make smart choices and develop healthy spending habits.

Stops Impulsive Shopping

Impulsive shopping is an extremely bad habit that people develop when they are not smart with their money. Knowing where every cent goes, allows you to get rid of impulsive shopping habits.

Improves Relationship With Spouse

Getting your budget straight helps to avoid a lot of problems and frustrations with your spouse. It makes everything clear.

Allows You To Reach Your Financial Goals

Saving, distributing and budgeting can help you to attain the goal that you wanted to reach.

Reduces ‘Money Anxiety’

People become less anxious when they have their finances figured out.

How to Track Your Expenses

Know-How Much You Make

It is important to know the total amount that you make. If you get a monthly income, it is much easier to track it then the people who are freelancers or work hourly rates.

Irrespective of your modem of income, it is important to know how much money you earn, extra earnings, bonuses, and all.

Make A Budget

Making a budget is super important. It is the tool to assort your money. Budgeting is a way of separating the money for every expense in your life.

This consists of dividing money for basic expenses and allocating them into categories; for example food, groceries, gas, savings, bills, extra.

Update Your Spending Daily

Every expense that you make should be noted and recorded. This helps you track how much money you have spent from which category and how much you have remaining.

Assort Every Penny

Instead of percentages, use fixed amounts. Percentages allow flexibility and can be confusing. Fixing a certain amount to the categories you have made allows you to know exactly how much you can spend on a certain product.

Use Budgeting Apps

Thanks to technology, we can pretty much make the machines do our work. For those who do not know the basic budging methods, using an app can be extremely beneficial.

There are so many free apps that allow you to connect with your bank account and record your expenses.

Write It Down

The simplest method is to write down your budget and expenses. Taking out time from your day to write down the budget and noting down your expenses helps you analyze the extent of your expense.

Spreadsheet It

Spreadsheet is one of the most common ways that people integrate old school methods with the new. Spreadsheets allow you to input your work in and help you navigate your expenses in an extremely helpful way.

The Envelope Method

Make envelopes of the categories you have made during budgeting. Place the allotted money for each of them into these envelopes. Now whenever you go out to run errands, you can take the necessary envelope with you.

This method allows you to see the money being spent in real-time, making it more clear that you have spent money.

Once the money in a certain envelope finishes, so does the expenditure for that category end for the month.

Learn And Improve

See where you are spending most of your money and learn how to reduce that cost. Find out the unnecessary expenditures that you have and cut them out to invest money into savings.

Budgeting can help you learn where your expenses are being used the most.


Tracking your expenses is an extremely important step to help you evolve into a financially responsible human being. Budgets help you reach the financial goals that can seem difficult to reach first and help you on a rainy day.

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