Good vs. Bad Habits

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 26, 2020

Good habits open new doors of opportunities; our parents did their best in indoctrinating those good habits. We can remember some of them like greeting our elders, respecting our seniors by helping them out with stuff, not lying against other people, saying the truth at all times, brushing our teeth, taking our bath, Keeping our surroundings clean, e.t.c. There are dozens of them.

It is unfortunate how some of us have grown to abandon those norms, regarding them as old-fashioned. This article is all about reminding us that even as adults, we are obligated to stick to those upbringing despite the huge attention our modern society has given bad habits. Below, we have listed some good habits you need to stick to even as an adult, and of course, the bad one needs to discard because you never know who is watching.

Good Habits You must Note as Adult

Always Greet

This may sound common and childish, but believe it or not, a “good morning” greeting can trigger other rewarding conversations that can lead to better endeavors. Let’s be pragmatic here, a friendly greeting to a guy by a lady can make the guy want to start a conversation, and you never can tell; it can lead to something much more. A good morning greeting to your boss can make him/her make you the first choice for any opportunity that comes by. And note, always greeted with a smile on your face, it says a lot.

Be Polite in your Approach

Ever wondered why air hostesses are too polite? Or should we say, how many times have you seen an air hostess pick a fight with anybody? The answer is that they don’t, and they won’t! Being polite to people around you is rewarding in many ways; it calms down their nerves even when they are outraged. When we say being polite, we mean asking for permission when you need something, apologizing when you think you have wronged someone, and appreciative when someone shows you a good gesture.

Stay Clean

This is another simple but very important part of good habits. You will be surprised how many adults hardly wash their underwear talk less about washing their clothes. Their plates remain unwashed in the water sink, while their surrounding is littered with empty plastic cans and organic garbage that generates very bad smell when they decay. The major benefit of staying clean is that it will help you stay healthy all year round.

Avoid Using Bad Words

Now you must completely avoid using bad words on people. If you don’t have anything good to say to or about people, you shouldn’t say it at all. Bad words hurt people; it makes them feel bad about themselves and has the propensity to throw them into depression if care is not taken.

Be Truthful

If it is not the truth, it is not worth saying; make this a habit from today and see your life change for good. Never say something you are not sure about; get your facts right before you speak.

5 Bad Habits you must Get Rid of

Quit Gossip

Gossips bred rumors, and lazy lairs spread rumors. If you are not sure about a particular event, you shouldn’t speak of it until you get your facts right. As bad as rumors are, they can course some controllable damages if care is not taken.

Brush Every Morning

You will be shocked how many adults barely brush these days. As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. The cleaner you are, the more approachable you are likely to be. So quit being the “dirty adult” and go brush that teeth.

Not Washing your Hands

Yes. This one is prevalent; remember when your parents always encourage you to wash your hands before and after a meal? It is time you bring back that habit. Wash your hands before you eat either at home or in the restaurant. Also, wash that hands after you must have used the toilet.

Chewing finger Nails

It is surprising how some people grew up with this bad habit. There are many diseases one can contact by just chewing their nails.

Drinking Directly from the Milk Container

Almost everybody is guilty of this; we all once drank directly from that milk container without minding if somebody else will drink from it as well. Bacteria from your mouth can coat the container’s cap and can contaminate the milk itself, thus, making the next person drinking from the same container vulnerable.

Finally, I will always advise you to choose good habits over bad ones; there are many gains from there. And don’t forget to use the same method on tour kids when finally have them; that’s the only way to make the world a better place.

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