Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 9, 2020

Have you ever given someone your time or something else, without expecting anything in return? Well, it has been proven that such acts of generosity are good for your health! Isn’t it funny how you feel the need to pay it forward when someone has been generous to you? Research has proved that when you are generous to someone, they will start acting more generously toward other people for some time.

The thing about generous people is that they are, in fact, healthier. Feeling grateful is for them a permanent state of being. Those who remain so mindfully thankful, rather than people who are temporarily grateful, engage in heather behavior, and are more relaxed, are less often sick, and even have a stronger immune system.

Isn’t negativity actually easier than gratitude? Well, there are biological reasons for that. Our brains pay attention to stressors, so they focus more on things that might harm us. In modern times, with social media and the internet, it’s even harder to focus on calm and thankfulness. Still, you might manage to do it if you look up to the people that are generous. Cultivate a mindset of generosity and gratitude, and you’ll do a great thing for your health! In what ways can you start expressing generosity in your life? Reflect on it. You can also use a gratitude journal and write down all the things that you are grateful for.

The key takeaway is that generous people are happier, more peaceful, more fulfilled, and more productive, whether it’s in the workplace or at home. Studies even showed that such people live heather, longer lives. So, how can you become one of them? Well, let’s look at what they have in common so you’d know what you need to work on. What are generous people like?

  1. They are altruistic

If one thing is true about generous people, it’s that they give without expecting anything in return. They have no hope that they’ll receive any compensation for the good that they did. Of course, they might get something and have some personal gain, but it’s not what motivates them to be generous. If it happens, it happens, they don’t really think much about it. Instead, they do good just for the sake of doing good. Generous people aren’t looking for personal gain, and that’s precisely what makes them generous in the first place. Otherwise, when you expect something in return, you’re just trading things, not giving them.

  1. They are idealists

Generous people know what the world should look like and try to make it that way. We all know that the world isn’t a perfect place, but generous people don’t stop giving their money, time, and energy. They are actually optimists and see the world differently than the rest of us. In their hearts, they have strong faith that the world could be a better place, even though it will never be perfect. What really makes generous people different from the rest is that they not only believe that a world could be a better place but strive to achieve that as well. With their generosity, they make a world a better place little by little with every act of kindness.

  1. They trust

All the generous people possess the quality of trust. They believe with their hearts and souls that their cause is worthy and that the people involved with it really try to achieve the goal. They trust them and are sure that they’ll use their resources and time appropriately.

  1. They have energy

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of someone being generous? Isn’t it energy? These people are ready to devote a lot of their energy to the good deed that they intend to do. Their cause is also giving them energy. When those people start spending time working on their goal, they are energized and revitalized to do more good!

  1. They have the ability to lead

Is it strange that we mentioned leadership when talking about generosity? It might seem so, but generous people are actually never afraid to stand up and even lead for the cause they believe in. Of course, not everyone is a born leader, but isn’t just getting involved in itself a sort of leadership? You don’t need to be a prominent leader, all you need to do is believe in kindness and work on spreading it.

Do good whenever you can to whoever you can. As a generous person, I know you’re not looking for any kind of reward, but giving is rewarding, and you’re doing a favor to yourself at the same time. Give something without wanting anything in return. See how it feels. Once you feel terrific remember that feeling, and work on feeling it again whenever you can. Be generous, and you’ll get something in return – a sense of joy and bliss.

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