The future direction of corporate sustainability

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 27, 2019

As greater environmental concern grows with younger generations, I believe that the future direction of corporate sustainability movement will continue to grow to the point that sustainability will not be optional. In order to fulfill their own sustainability requirements, organizations will require their partners and suppliers to follow sustainability. This will raise the bar of sustainability quality across the board.

With organizations like GRI providing a global standard for sustainability reporting requirements it will be easier for organization to understand how and what they should report.

The role of corporate leadership in realizing this future is what we expect for any intuitive. Leadership must fully support it. They will need to prove this by creating the vision for the organization to follow. The vision must inspire. They will need to develop realistic goals that they can measure and report on.

Leadership will need to communicate the value of initiatives. They will need to set the example for the entire organization. They must ensure they have high employee engagement. Leadership will need to make decisions that put sustainability as a priority. They will need to develop policies to support the initiatives and goals. This will increase demand on the organization and the employees to meet sustainability goals. If employees and stakeholders trust and believe in the leadership of the organization, they will agree with their sustainability plans.

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