Frugality - Quest of Finding Free Stuff

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 30, 2020

We, humans, have a habit of saving things for the future. It is not a bad trait, but sometimes we go extreme with this habit. From shopping to food and traveling. In almost everything, if there is a way to be frugal, we will take it. It’s buried deep in our bones. Now in the 21st century, we are getting more frugal than ever. But being frugal is not that bad. It has many positive sides. A frugal person can prioritize the things that matter the most and spend money on them. That doesn’t mean that you will deprive yourself of all the other things. The concept of frugality is more complicated than you think. Being frugal means you create your approach of spending smartly. You prioritize things from your perspective and decide when to spend small and when to spend big. It is an interesting lifestyle if you think about it.

Being frugal also means never missing the stuff that you can get for free. That’s why we have some tips ready for you that can help you become a master of frugality and save a bunch of money to spend on things that matter.

Join loyalty programs

You may have seen coupon-based programs in which a customer gets gifts after scoring a certain number of points with their purchases. Similar to that, some stores offer loyalty programs. The benefits of these programs are that you will receive gifts on occasions and a special gift on your birthday. Some stores offer free stuff just for signing up. The benefits of a loyalty program can quickly pay off if you visit that place regularly. For example, the coffee chain shop, supermarket, grocery store, all of these places are visited by you once a week. So if you want to benefit from a loyalty program, those are the best places you can start from.

Participate in surveys

Information and feedback are the main driving force of today’s marketplace. If a company can understand what their customers want, they can rule the market place by building a product based on the market demand. That is why companies spend huge amounts of money conducting surveys. Some of them give incentives for participating in their surveys. These incentives are often gifted hampers, cool gadgets, and cash. So keep yourself updated about which company is looking for survey participants and be sure to take part in them if they provide a good reward.


This site is very famous among people who shop from thrift shops. It’s a garage shop that’s available online and you can get your necessary stuff if it is available for free. If you have some unnecessary stuff that is usable, you can donate them to freecycle, com. Your trash can be someone’s treasure

Ask for sample products

Companies love to give way sample products upon requests from their customers. In that way, the customers promote the company. A customer’s statement about a product is more effective than a paid advertisement on TV. That sample holder customer’s friend will be influenced and buy the company’s product. So, visit a company’s website and see what product of them you like. Then request a sample. If you are lucky, they will send you a sample.


If you are a tour lover and then will give you the opportunity of becoming frugal with your travels. It will manage a free couch for you near the travel location. Because why pay for an expensive hotel room when there is a free couch nearby. This will allow you to save the hotel money and use it to make your vacation more enjoyable. But not everyone is mentally capable of this service. You must have a mentality of being comfortable with a stranger. If you can, then you are more than welcome to use You will have a free place to stay in your travels and some new potential friends.

Review products

Companies nowadays don’t miss any chance for promoting their products for free and the most effective free promotional tool a company has is a product review. In this method of promotion, the company just has to send a sample product to a good reviewer. The reviewer will do the rest for the company. With product review, you can help customers to find their necessary stuff, which is another plus point in a company’s promotion. So, if you are a reviewer, there is a high chance that the companies you request products from will send you a sample.

Get yourself a library card

Who needs a library card when you have all the information in the world at your fingertips on your smartphone? While it may sound obsolete to get a library card in this age of the internet, a library card has its perks. Libraries offer free books, novels, and movies to their cardholders. You can go to a library any time and enjoy yourself as long as you want for free. Librarians are highly knowledgeable persons. If you chat with them for a few minutes daily, you can see some dramatic good changes in your personality. If you are a knowledge seeker, then a library is your ultimate place to be frugal.


So, these are our tips for you to master the art of frugality. Utilize these opportunities and save some more money for yourself.

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