Five Tips to Develop Your Character in the Right Direction

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 5, 2019

People tend to confuse character with ‘personality’ but both are very different things. Your character has very specific traits that define who you are, your core beliefs and values. It is a window to a person’s soul, where you evaluate vital characteristics: honesty, courage, loyalty, integrity and virtue. Please note these characteristics cannot be judged easily in one day of meeting someone.

On the other hand, a person’s personality compromises of unique traits that make him or her, the way they act every day. You can include a person’s likes and dislikes here. Is he or she introvert or extrovert? Do they pay attention to detail or are they careless? Do they like spending time with other people or do they like being alone? These are traits that you can easily judge a person when you meet him or her. Now do you see a significant difference between personality and character?

Today is the age of technology; we are obsessed with our personalities and our individuality. We define our personality with the way we dress, our hobbies and material obsessions. According to Professor Susman, this was not the case in the 17th century. More importance was given to a person’s character then. Individuals were expected to cultivate their character with honor and integrity. This is not the case today.

Why developing your character is important?

Your character acts as a moral compass that leads you in the right direction. It means living your life with integrity and commitment to both your personal and professional life. No one wants to deal with a liar or an inconsiderate selfish person. A person with a strong character will always be liked by others. He or she will also be successful in achieving all goals in his or her life.

Why did she describe it as a trial? Because a person with a strong character will never be influenced by another person’s opinion or judgment. Sadly in the 21rst century, where human beings are so easily influenced by different social media and in following trends, one’s character is never given much importance.

This is wrong, we need to come out our bubble and be more socially responsible.

Ways to develop good character

Here are some ways to develop good character:

Don’t tell white lies

White lies might seem harmless if they don’t hurt anyone. It doesn’t change the fact that you are not being honest. Learn to always tell the truth to everyone, children and adults alike. Remember honesty in every part of your life is vital to have a strong character.

Be a man of your words

Not following small commitments or meeting insignificant deadlines don’t seem like a big deal. For example, you promised your son you would show up for his baseball final on time, you show up late. Doesn’t seem like a big deal? After all, you had an important meeting but you still showed up. Wrong! If you’ve promised something, no matter how small is it, make sure you keep your word. A man with high morals will make his word his bond. This characteristic make the people around you trust and depend on you.

Don’t be easily influenced by other people.

We all crave social acceptance these days. The number of ‘likes’ you receive might make you feel good for the moment but do they really make you act in right way? For instance, are you buying environment friendly products because you want popularity on your Instagram’s account? Next time, when you are doing something socially responsible, make sure you do it because it is the ‘right’ thing to do.

Be kind

Kindness to others doesn’t seem an easy thing but learn to do little things for others. It would be as simple as offering your seat to an old lady on the bus. When you practice small kindness in your daily life gradually you are able to do big kindness like making food for a sick neighbor. Kindness has a domino effect, when you are kind to someone, you make someone’s day happy. Who in turn will probably make someone else happy.

Be self-disciplined

Anyone with no self-discipline cannot stick to strong values and morals. Look into your inner self and practice what is right than easy. Learn to respect other’s people time and don’t be late for appointments. A strong will power helps in maintaining self-discipline.

Developing a strong character doesn’t happen in one day, slowly while following these tips in your life, you can form good values and habits. You won’t regret it!

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