Finding Recession-Proof Jobs

Darryl Bachmeier
Nov 12, 2020

The word recession comes with cost-cutting measures, a rising rate of unemployment and less spending patterns. Not everyone is lucky to have the job at the time of recession. Organizations adopt these measures so they could sustain the tough time and be able to survive the duration of economic downfall. The onset of Corona pandemic has greatly hampered the global job market and now companies are striving hard to pass this tough time. There are several jobs which remain unaffected by the recession time and thus, companies feel no need to let go of its workforce. The article highlights some of those employment opportunities.

Become healthcare professional

No matter what the situation, the requirements of healthcare professional is always there. It includes doctors, paramedic staff, nurses, pharmacists and specialized surgeons. During the pandemic the most demanded professional all across the globe was a medical professional and unfortunately, it remained the most affected profession as well. The qualification and experiences required for these professionals are hard to achieve. But once you are in the field, there is no stopping you and you can make your career a sustainable one.

Specialized care service

Besides medical facilities and professionals, all across the globe comes the specialized care services. These include counsellors, mental health providers, home carers, old aged home care providers and disability care centres. Since the demand and requirements of these services may decline during the recession time and may not equate medical professionals, but the job remains there and is never lost. There might be temporary relief but the job remains intact.

Financial service providers

These include banks and other financial service providers. No matter what banks are always opened and they never sleep. Even when the physical banks are closed, the associated channels like ATM, mobile banking, helplines and internet banking are still working. In this context, also come the role of tax collectors, auditors and accountants. During the recession, there is a decline in the spending pattern but it doesn’t completely stop so these financial institutions are always working and providing services to the people.

Law Enforcement services

Like medical professionals, law enforcement agencies are always working. Police, in this case, is at the top of the list. No matter what the situation is, police have to maintain discipline and safety in the society. It is pertinent to mention that during the recession when jobs are gone; sometimes the crime rate is also increased. Thus the role of the law enforcement services providers become crucial during such times. They make an essential part of society and their job is pretty tough.

Education sector

If you are an academician, then your tasks are never-ending. The recession has no impact on education gaining practices. Junior as well as Higher schools keep performing their normal practices and follow a routine. Teachers and staff are normally not impacted by any recession time and they keep imparting their duty towards their pupils.

IT Professionals

Some companies switch to work from the home model as a time to avoid the cost of their office places. It is possible only with the backing of IT professionals. The internet, mobiles, data, repair of computers, troubleshooting; all are managed by the IT professionals whose jobs are always there to help others.

Courier services

At the time during the recession, people tend to help one another and send essential commodities to others. It is possible because courier’s services are always working and helping people at all times.

Transport Workers

Transport never sleep during the recession so workers associated with transport also keep working. When transport work, auto mechanics also continue performing their duties without getting affected by any situation. The wear and tear process of the vehicle can happen at any time during the recession, thus auto mechanics never hamper their working during such times.

Utility services provide

The availability of the utility services is also not impacted by the recession. It could be like people stop buying luxury items, but everyday commodities are always bought by every segment of society.

Emergency services providers

This is yet another career which never sleeps during recession times. These are not only service providers, but also associated jobs along like control room and their staff, support staff and paramedics.


All the jobs mentioned above are not impacted by any recession and people associated with these jobs continue working no matter what. However, the qualification and experience required for these jobs are specialized and only after going through the requires drill, one can opt for any option. During the 2020 pandemic, individuals belonging to the above-mentioned jobs kept performing their roles for the society at large and never slept. If you have to decide which profession to choose, then you need to do some homework and select the best available option. At the end of the day, it is only through hard work, you can achieve your goal.

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