Find your life purpose

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Some people look and always act as if they know what to do with their life. They are unhesitatingly going through any obstacles, never getting any doubts about the decisions they make, and feel completely fulfilled. What do you do if you are not so lucky to be one of these? What do you do if you are not sure, why you exist and what is your life purpose? Well, here are a few tips about finding it.

Think What Gives You the Most Joy

It is seldom possible that your life purpose will make you unhappy, uncomfortable to do or to get any embarrassment. Every person that thinks they already found their life mission reported that they feel incredibly thrilled and joyful while making any activity somehow connected with it. Even if that kind of action does not allow you to get a lot of money or help to develop a career, you should pay serious attention to it. Try to determine the thing that makes you happy and inspired, and spend more time on it.

Get More Experiences

It is rarely possible that you can determine your real life purpose if you spend all of your time sitting on the couch and watching TV shows. The more static your life is, the less possible that you will ever discover your real purpose. If every day looks similar and you still have the feeling of emptiness and cannot figure what to do with your life, doesn’t that mean that you have to try something new?

If you regularly ask yourself questions like: “What is my purpose? Why do I exist?”, then you will definitely need to try to explore some new activities to get the answer. Try to ask yourself:” What is the thing that I’ve always been interested in, but I never get any chance to try it?” Maybe you dreamed about writing a book, playing a musical instrument, or trying to cook an exotic dish. Throw all doubts away and get these things done!

How to Start Acting?

Many of us regularly think about changing our life priorities, but switching them seems hard to begin. Well, if you are facing this problem, the best possible way to start is to involve a close friend or family member. For example, if you think that your life purpose is to be a cook, then you have to invite your friend or family to dinner, which you previously announced, as self-made. Similar kinds of acts will give you a push to move forward.

Use Special Tools and the Advice of Life Coaches

You can find many different special tools on the internet that can help you with getting clear about whether your life is full of passion. For example, there is The Passion Test that can easily show you what you are excited about. You need to answer seven simple questions, and then you will get a clear answer about how passionate your life and some bits of advice about making it more meaningful.

You may find it useful to seek the help of a life coach. Many of them have their own website. However, it would be best if you choose wisely and read all the testimonials and feedback from past clients very carefully. You also definitely need to search their clients on Facebook or other social media and ask a little bit more about their experience with this particular coach. There are many different scammers nowadays, and it would be a pity if you become their next victim.

Be Straight When You Choose Your Path

Remember, when everything is falling apart, when you think that nothing will happen as you planned; you are the only person who can make your dreams come true. Be honest with yourself. Keep practicing, learning, and improving. You cannot get anything without putting in some effort. Everybody knows that, but when they somehow face any obstacles, a lot of them prefer to quit. Work hard, more forward and you will unquestionably get success in your life.

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