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ZenboLife is a life planning & personal productivity tool. It is a holistic application to help store all your contacts, tasks and notes as well as guide you through the process of planning your life. It is designed to cover all areas of your life to be your all in one source.


  • Ever wondered what financial forecast is, and whether you needed it? When most start-up companies work and hope things work out, Financial forecast prepares you for the worst, giving you a smooth and more predictable outline of events.

    A forecast is a blueprint that gets you from your potential point to the final destination. It utilizes chronicled information and analysis of the industry and practically identical organization patterns to illuminate your best courses of action and foresee the results. A financial forecast gives you the reins to move your organization where you need to go in all aspect of success. As it is well known that finance is the backbone of any organization, be it small or large. As an entrepreneur, you must guarantee that you have designated your funds to various procedures and offices in the most brilliant manner conceivable. This is the place the financial forecast is significant for organizations.

    A financial forecast just like a google map provides a clear path towards your business goals. In short, it is a budgetary spending plan that appraises the anticipated salary and likely costs of your business.

    The financial forecast gives these various benefits:

  • The biggest mistake of (almost) every entrepreneur

    Every business owner must keep an eye on all areas of his business. Since the financial indicators to sales, production and inventory figures. The problem is that this general view can often make the manager unaware of the true details of his finances. In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes most business owners make is a cursory look at their finances. If you believe that knowing your income, expenses, and whether you make a profit or a loss is enough, think again. Nowadays it is important to know these 4 indicators in order to make convincing and informed decisions:

    1. Financial margin - contribution margin

    This is perhaps the most important financial indicator because it will tell the business owner how much of the proceeds from sales after deduction of direct costs carry fixed costs and ultimately make a profit. The process is very simple if your contribution margin is negative; it means that something is wrong; after all, it is impossible to pay the fixed costs with a primary loss. If your contribution margin is positive, you will need other indicators (such as the break-even point) to understand if this margin is sufficient or not.