Feeling Lost

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 20, 2020

There are instances in life when you feel that you have invested much of your time and energy in a particular practice. Most times, you might not even understand if what you are focusing on is worthy or not. In this post, we will explain to you seven reasons why you might be feeling lost.

Drift Syndrome

When you cannot understand why you do what you do or how you started to work on your current project, a sense of drift might develop. You may feel that instead of planning your carrier well, you are pushed by circumstances to your current position.

Perhaps you had a plan, but you are in your current position because of life challenges or lack of follow-through. Research indicates that almost every adult finds themselves in the drift state occasionally. It would help if you learned how to deal with drift syndrome because it triggers feeling lost.

Inadequate Time to Work on Passion

A good number of people worldwide work and earn from their passion. However, larger populations of the employees work on their jobs because of making a living and not passion. You are most likely to feel incredibly bland if you are too busy with your assignments and do not have time to pursue your passion.

Experts recommend that we must set aside space for working on our passion. It does not matter whether it is volunteering, movies, writing, art, or music. People who spare some time to work on their passion succeed in business.

Not Finding your Purpose

Apart from pursuing your passion, you need to train your mindset to acknowledge that whatever you do is meaningful and serves a purpose. One of the significant work revolution side effects that workers face is to work on discreet tasks that they feel do not serve any purpose.

You need to develop a mindset that helps you remain optimistic. It would be difficult for you to produce to your potential if you believe you are working on a project that does not serve any purpose. For that reason, it would be best to invest in a side job that might help you understand the value of your full-time job.

Vacant Social Support

Are you connected to any social networks that offer considerable and real support? Many times, our social network connects us to the world based on sports and hobbies. Linking to other people based on such factors cannot get you the vital social support that you need.

When you live your life away from other people and interact with them when you need their specific help, you might end up with some sense of isolation. It would help if you considered connecting with people who understand you better to support you emotionally.

Cognitive Overload

This challenge is the most common cause of feeling lost, and it affects almost everyone at an increasing speed. Everyone gets exposed to more than they can manage daily. If we lack a reliable and quality external plan that can help us manage our tasks, we will feel overloaded.

The results of overloading your brain are that it will result in a feeling of being overwhelmed with the demands and responsibilities we meet daily. Our mind is not suitable for technology-laden societies, consumerism-driven, and nonstop information-driven. It would be best to hire tools or assistants to offload our cognitive load.

Distraction Fragment Focus

How many times do you look at your phone daily? Everyone has the dire need to connect to the outside world at all times, but hyper-connection can result in attention fragmentation. Therefore, we must learn to train our brains to focus our energy and time on one project without tolerating distractions from TV, news alerts, email, and our Smartphones.

Unfortunately, if we stay away from connection for a long time, we might end up feeling uncomfortable and unable to proceed with the project at hand. It is difficult in modern society to focus our mind on one specific project without getting distracted by our technology.

Bad Diet Habits

It would be best to mention that our cultural obsession with packed food has exposed us to obesity and various health issues such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Despite the worldwide awareness about this matter, research still shows that the number of simple carbohydrates, sodium, and saturated fats we consume can expose still us to obesity.

As a result of a flawed diet regime, we may develop a deficit in memory and thinking speed. This condition can become a major cause of feeling lost. This effect will develop gradually and will tend to increase its impact over time. It would be best to check on our diet plan.

It would be best to ensure that you keep your brain active, self-sufficient, and productive all the time. You must invest in rest to boost your brain performance.

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