Empowering yourself

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Everybody can feel exhausted, tired, and out of luck. There is nothing we can do about it, and it is very normal. All of us will have bad days. What do you do if every day makes you depressed?

If you feel unwell for a prolonged period, it is important to see a doctor. There is a probability that you are suffering from clinical depression if every day makes you feel down. If this feeling is irregular, then you are totally fine, and might just need a break. Some parts of our life will make you feel uncomfortable anyway.

Still, what can you do to endeavor to avoid this state? Is it even possible at all? Well, those who practice yoga and mindfulness techniques will definitely give you an affirmative answer to that question. However, you can do something to empower yourself without learning these methods.

Feel Free to Do Nothing

There is nothing criminal in laying down on a couch or sitting in a comfortable armchair, close your eyes, and get lost in your thoughts for a few minutes. Your brain will definitely thank you. Psychologists recommend having one or two periods from ten to fifteen minutes of such cozy laziness a day.

Get Used to Plan Your Day

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for high-achievers to perform with such a high level and always have such a confident appearance, modest anxiety and stay so unbelievably productive? The answer is simple: their day is planned minute by minute. You do not have to do the something, but making an approximate schedule of your future daily activity may be remarkably helpful.

Try to Understand What Others Feel

Commonly known fact, that family arguing, and unnecessary disputes at work often appear because of misinterpretation of each other’s words and actions. Before starting a fight, you should try first to put yourself in a place of your potential opponent. Strive to understand, what does he or she feel and think, why do those feelings and thoughts occur? This will help to avoid unnecessary conflicts and help you to save so much energy for more constructive activities.

Exercise Daily

Doing exercise, every day will definitely help you to empower not only your physical body but also grant you a substantial mental and intellectual surge. Numerous different case studies report that regular physical activity increases the blood flow in the brain, blood oxygen level and normalizes the process of metabolism. It does not need to be intense workout at the gym. You will feel the positive effect, even from a light jog or a bicycle ride.

Never Stop the Learning Process

The world is changing very fast, and you have to spend lots of your energy to stay on top of things. It does not matter what field you work in. Your goal is to be familiar with the latest news and trends in these areas. That will help you to avoid unnecessary stress, feel confident, and be competent in everything related to your career.

Become a Part of the Community

In this high-tech world with so many of us staring at a screen, it is incredibly essential to be connected with people. Just the fact that you are not alone on this planet, and there are many people who share your feelings and thoughts will empower you significantly. This may be a community of any kind: reading club, gamer’s forum or regulars of a bar or cafe. The idea is for you to get connected and give and receive support to the community.

Don`t Hesitate to Ask for Advice from Your Family

Many people think that it is unnecessary to ask for help. There is an internet full of information for you to research any questions you may have. That is true, but sometimes you may get into a situation when it is better to ask your dad, mom, or siblings. They will empower you like nobody else and potentially give much more valuable help that you can expect. It would be best not to forget that others have real life experience and be willing to offer you a hand.

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