Empowering people to meet their higher needs

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 15, 2019

Empowerment falls under transformational leadership. Empowerment is different from traditional management. Instead we are trying to develop people in to high level critical independent thinkers. Followers that are able to think outside of the box. They are capable of great innovation and creativity. Followers that have a sense of purpose and are aligned with the goals and values of the organization. We are trying to create new leaders.

Leaders allow followers to take risks and get their hands dirty, which helps them to carve out a place in for themselves in the organization. Leaders through open communication and providing constructive feedback ensure that followers are in positions that are appropriate to their skill set as well as their personal goals. Leaders can seek lasting change for the organization over the long term.

Advantages of empowerment for the individual follower is they can grow and develop ion the career and their personal life. They have a strong sense of self. Advantages for the organization is that they can develop and retain effective employees.

Google is a great example of a company that empowers its employees. The design of various spaces in their main facility encourages employees to socialize. They allow their employees to spend twenty percent of their time own projects that interest them. Top leaders are also available every week to answer questions from all employees.

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