Keep Calm in Crisis

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 27, 2020 Emotions

Did you know that most people tend to panic when a critical situation or a challenge arises? Doctors warn that stress and anxiety can cause a complete meltdown. Panic can lower your capability to produce optimally and also results in long-term damage to your health. Most of the worlds’ great achievers, such as artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs, could not achieve their success level if they did not learn how to keep calm in crisis. They can develop and maintain a specific state of mental preparedness and readiness to respond to the tough situation. Carriage and composure are crucial prerequisites to boost your performance if you run a company or work on your talent. Besides, if you are self-assured, sufficiently practiced, and composed, you raise your chances of becoming successful in life. Here are eight tips to improve your mindset: Slow Down Make sure you do not respond to the challenges...

Allowing Yourself To Be Vulnerable

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 25, 2020 Emotions

The idea of ​​opening yourself up to rejection or acceptance is a terrible thing. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable feels like eating ice cream and listening to sad songs, when your feelings and hopes stop. However, even if we seem to be defending ourselves with that kind of rationality, it is a very damaging thought process to allow you to be humbled. Rather than teaching yourself to be comfortable with human interactions, get used to the idea of ​​sticking to your basics. Also, try something new by being honest about what you expect, all of which teach yourself to avoid. Why Do We Struggle With Vulnerability? In most of the relationships, we fear that if we honestly reveal our insecurities, mistakes, needs, fears and character flaws, our partner will change the way we think about ourselves. We will be ridiculed or treated as undesirable. They will judge us, misunderstand us,...


Darryl Bachmeier Jun 21, 2020 Emotions

Forgiveness describes the deliberate and conscious decision to release the feelings of vengeance or resentment towards an individual or group of people who harmed you. This action usually is regardless of whether they deserve forgiveness or not. Understanding what forgiveness does not involve is as essential as understanding what forgiveness means. According to the experts, before you forgive, you must first accept and acknowledge how serious the offense against you could be. Forgiveness does not stand for excusing, condoning, or forgetting offenses. Although forgiveness is crucial to repairing a damaged relationship, it does not obligate the parties to reconcile or release any form of legal accountability to the offense. Instead, forgiveness aims to free the forgiver from corrosive anger and bring peace to their mind. Although it is not clear whether forgiveness demands the re-development of positive feelings, experts say that most forgiveness cases involve eradicating negative feelings. This post...

Understanding Empathy

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 19, 2020 Emotions

What Is Empathy? Empathy is an emotion in which the individual can comprehend or feel what someone else is encountering and the ability to put oneself in another’s position. Being compassionate is the capacity to perceive, learn, and share someone else’s feelings and sentiments. Experiencing sympathy is essential for building connections and making relations stronger by understanding the other person’s situation. It includes acknowledging someone else’s perspective instead of merely one’s own. Why Is Empathy Important? Empathy encourages us to help others, manufacture companionships, settle on suitable choices, and meditate when we see others being harassed. People start to indicate compassion in the earliest stages, and the attribute grows consistently through youth and puberty. Amid a challenge or emergency, we must feel like our feelings are acknowledged and perceived by others. The more significant part of our population knows about the sentiment of being misjudged for their weaknesses, left to...

What are Emotions?

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 10, 2020 Emotions
What are emotions? Happy, sad, angry, worried faces.

A Unique Configuration As humans we have been uniquely configured to exhibit behavioural patterns which reflect how we feel. The expression we give to life and how we see it is often determined by these feelings – that is, those happy moments when we feel ecstatic or those sad times when we feel as if our world is crumbling. In fact, our reactions to stimulus generated from our internal environment – our minds and our thoughts; and our external environment (people and situations around us); even, the hobbies and activities we choose to engage in, ride on the wings of these subjective inclinations – emotions,. In a nutshell, how we feel, act, react; what we perceive and the inferences we draw are products of our emotional state. What is emotion? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines emotion as a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Don...

What Is Compassion, Difference between Empathy, Sympathy, and Compassion?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 22, 2020 Emotions
Compassion, Empathy and Sympathy. Woman comforts another by clasping hands.

Compassion, empathy, or sympathy are like close cousins. The three of them do carry different meanings but are very much related to each other, and this is the reason why people use these words for the same purpose. These three can be defined as the stages. The first stage is sympathy, which means to understand the problem/suffering, the second one is the empathy it means to be able to feel the pain, and the last one is compassion, which says, having enough courage to provide the solution. What is compassion? Compassion refers to the ability to feel the pain of the other. The person who feel compassionate for someone he not only feels the suffering of another person is going through but also provides the remedy through which he could get rid of such pain. Often, compassion is confused with that of empathy, but both of them carry a different...

Sadness, between Being Affected and Healed

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Emotions
Sad, depressed and worried young woman in window. Raining outside.

Doubtlessly, no one’s life is free from sorrow, grief, despair or even helplessness. There are moments in life that seem short and silly but are hard to forget for they can be the cause of depression for the rest of your life. Sadness is an inner feeling or an emotional pain that is characterized by feelings of disadvantage, anger, and disappointment. This blog is not written to underestimate your hard times but to show that if you submit to this pain, then say goodbye to your dream-achieving endeavors. What are the Factors of Sadness? You have to bear in mind that not everyone is affected by the same factor of this fatal feeling, but they might have the same appearance as a sad person. Stress Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that results from various situations in your life. In these situations where you feel under pressure,...

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