Creating Time in the Day

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 18, 2020

Did you know that everyone can get enough time to invest in their projects? Many people believe that they do not complete their assignments before the deadline due to lack of time. Yet, the real problem is time mismanagement.

We spend most of our precious time on social media or television. Nevertheless, it would be best to acknowledge that time is as valuable as money. Managing the time you spend on less productive activities could be helpful to your projects. Here are five tips on creating time in day:

Get Real About Time Management

The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge its existence. The same applies to this case. Some people will tell you that they do not have time to invest in a particular project. Still, you will find them spend much of their time on Netflix, Social Media, and other suchlike platforms.

First, you need to evaluate how and where you spend your time. Experts would recommend that you try to keep a time log. If you track and record how you spend your time, you will eliminate activities that you find to be unproductive.

Plan Your Day

If you plan your day well, you will avoid losing time on figuring what to do next. Although most days look almost the same, you must plan every day. You must understand that planning means more than just creating a list of chores. Some other crucial steps to take include:

Creating A To-Do List: Make sure to write in detail on paper what you intend to do on a particular day.

Consider The End: You must focus on achieving your ultimate goals. Nevertheless, it would help if you considered breaking your overall plan into segments to accomplish them easily.

Block out Time: If you block out time, you stand a higher chance of focusing on your ultimate goals. It will also create a boundary that will minimize the time you spend on one project.

Overestimate Your Task Time Limit: If you run out of time before you complete a specific step on your to-do list, you could get into trouble. It would be best to acknowledge that most times, not everything happens the way we expect. Thus, ensure that you give each chore some extra time.

Do Not Multitask: You must understand that the idea of completing several different jobs at the same time is almost impossible. It would be challenging for you to focus on two or more tasks simultaneously. Instead, you will lose time trying to adjust and refocus occasionally.

User a Timer: It can be such a great idea to use a timer to notify you about the deadline between your lists of chores. The timer can make it possible for you to evaluate your projects and focus on what is more important.

Wake Up Earlier

You must consider starting your day as early as 5 AM. Getting up from your bed earlier than the usual time will create more time for you to complete more tasks in one day. It will enable you to do more work and also ensure maximum productivity and quality.

The magic of waking up early works and can be a crucial strategy for creating time in day. You can use your alarm if you find it challenging to stick to the plan naturally. In any case, make sure that you start your day earlier than your usual program.

Use Systems and Tools

The primary function of systems and tools is to make tasks more effective and straightforward. Most importantly, if you are working on digital tasks, you can save more time using automation tools. These tools will help you to tackle tasks like social media and emails in advance.

The good thing is that some of these platforms will enable your clients to send you job invitations and set a deadline automatically on your calendar. It would be best to mention that it will take some time to learn how to install and use them.


Nowadays, it is pretty simple to search, interview, and hire someone to help you complete tasks such as PR outreach, respond to email, and schedule social media. A virtual assistant can be the perfect solution to this case.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that you do not over-delegate your jobs. Sometimes, it is best to work on your project personally to boost the results. Besides, you can ask family and friends to help with house chores.

Creating time in day can be challenging, but if you apply the ideas we provided in this post, you will get the best results. Make sure that you also conduct extensive research and learn from other successful entrepreneurs in your job category. They can provide you guidance from the real-life experience level.

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