Connecting with nature

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Young woman stands on bridge in forest. Hiking and connecting with nature.

We are, generally, inseparable from our environment. Nature influences us; it affects our society and our culture. We often forget how strong nature can be. We can forget that nature is full of life. It can be difficult to oppose nature. Instead, we should try to reconnect and live in harmony with nature.

Walk More

Walking is the natural way of moving. Any car, motorcycle or public transportation is not a natural way of travelling for a human being and harmful for the natural environment. It does not matter whether you are going for a walk in the forest or the city street full of cars and other people, while you are walking, you are reconnecting with nature. Have you ever noticed that your lungs work well; your heart beats right as it should, your thoughts flow smoothly and confidently while you are walking? That is the best proof that walking connects you with nature.

Plant a Tree and Raise It

When you are planting a tree and look after it, you make the best possible help for the environment by creating life that supports the environment. Trees are essential. When you plant a tree, you`ll see how the grass will begin to grow thicker around it, how different kinds of flowers and other plants will appear near it. If you keep growing it, one day, you will discover bushes under your tree. A tree is an essential symbol of life and nature. In addition, planting them will help you to understand nature better.

Go to the Wilds

Observing the wild is the best possible opportunity for us modern people to understand and to reconnect with nature. When you discover all the magnificence of a wild forest, meadow, field or any other ecosystem, you will know life. Have you ever wondered, how it alls stays in balance? How is that possible, that this ecosystem gets an exact amount of solar energy for plants to produce a precise mass of biomass to feed all herbivores? When you see it and start to ask yourself questions like these, you will unquestionably become closer to nature.

Make a Small Garden in Your Apartment

You already know about the benefits of planting and raising a tree, but a garden may give you even much more if you are living in a big city. Start with a few cucumbers or tomato seedlings. Grow them over time and wait until you get your first crop. When you realize that nature can supply you, feed you well and you will probably never underestimate its power. In addition, will become closer and will feel the connection with it.

Stop Unnecessary Over consuming

Try to think for a little bit; is the total number of carbon on the planet constant? If the answer is yes for you, then try to imagine what is the purpose of all those clothes and numerous pairs of shoes in your wardrobe. When you look from such an angle, it appears to be unnecessary and even damaging for the environment to buy any unnecessary things. Because all of the carbon and other chemical elements, which make up these product, are forever taken away from the natural environment. They will never be used anymore for creating new life and keep the natural processes going, as they should.

Get Yourself into a Calm and Peaceful State of Mind

Every time you are getting angry, upset and depressed, you might go about some activity to release the negative emotions. That may be drinking, overeating, and smoking cigarettes, pot, or any other kind of similar actions. However, as they give you some stress relief; they also grant you a slow and gradual detriment to your health. You shouldn`t act in such a way if you want to be close to nature. Try instead to take peacful actions. Quiet the mind to connect with your natural state.

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