Conducting an Annual Review

Darryl Bachmeier
Nov 10, 2020

It is like getting a year-end report card that revolves around assessing one year of your life. It basically starts with reviewing the past year and ends with focusing on the betterment of the current year.  In this blog, we will discuss how you can evaluate yourselves and conjure an annual report all by yourself! 

Getting started

Now that you are all set with the idea of reviewing your personal life let’s discuss what you need to get started.

Things you need to begin:

  • Time scheduled exclusively for yourself,
  • Complete focus on your life in the past year,
  • A pen or a PC,
  • A sheet or a word document,
  • And perhaps a cup of coffee.

Stare right into the previous year

Sum up the happenings of the past year month by month and jot them down on the piece of paper. Ask yourself some questions and note down their answers.  Now, what are some valuable questions about the last year that you can use to analyse yourself? Here are some listed below: 

  • What made you happy last year and what made you feel down?
  • Did you achieve anything?
  • Did you reach a goal you had set for the year? 
  • Did you quit on something?
  • Did you embrace something new for your betterment?
  • What was your relationship status throughout the year?
  • Any major friendship goals you hit?
  • What significant events took place that year?
  • Did you get a promotion?
  • How was your engagement with your boss for the last twelve months?
  • Is there something from the past that you desire to change this year? 
  • How content is you with your current job?

The lists can be endless. Your life, your questions! Think of more questions that you can ask yourself for self-evaluation. Once you are done answering, you have one whole year noted down on a piece of paper. Moreover, you can now get set for what comes next.

How do you feel

Roll back from the past and think about what you perceive about the past year’s list of answers. 

Do you feel satisfied with your answers? Is there anything you wish was different about an answer? What would you rate your last year from a scale of 1-5? Note everything down in the next paragraph. After this, write down everything you feel about your previous year in the next paragraph. Tell yourself if you made the right choices. Write about how good or bad you feel about them. Explain what impact your preferences had on your life. 

Check what you have learnt

Life is full of lessons that help you evolve as a person. What you are today is a result of what you learn over the years. So take your last year’s happenings into account and see what you learn from them.  Choose the next paragraph to write about all the experiences that lead you to make important life decisions. Precisely tell what those experiences taught you. Discuss what changes you can make based on the lessons from the past year. Also, show how you have changed due to the little tasks that life gave you. Or perhaps, how you want to change yourself for the coming year. This is something we will discuss next, so stay pinned to the post. 

Give yourself a final evaluation

Now in the last section of your write up, summarise everything into the final analysis. Glance at your notes and point what went right last year and what went wrong. List down the answers to the following questions: 

  • Is there any way you could have spent your months doing something better? 
  • Was there any obstacle preventing you from accomplishing something? 
  • If yes, did you overcome the hurdles?
  • Did you do something to make your dreams come true soon? 
  • Did you initiate something to reach some essential professional or personal goals?

The answers to all the above queries will judge the nature of the past 365 days of your life. They will report how productive your year has been. Moreover, they will analyse how capable you are of steering your life in the right direction. 

Time for beginning afresh

To determine your entire review, it’s time to give your analysis a final glance. Examine everything thoroughly to conclude the final result.

Once you have everything summed up, it’s time for you to think about new beginnings. Plan ahead. Seize the chance you couldn’t take before. Make room for better opportunities. Embrace change, and let it be drastic. Don’t overburden yourself, taking baby steps towards the betterment of your coming year.

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