Companies need to monitor their online presence

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 16, 2019

For the last few years, online shopping has taken off but with smart devices, local presence has become important. Google search ranks results of local higher and it is based on the location of the user. In fact, many websites and applications are asking the user to reveal their location to give a better experience.

Business must be aware of their online presence. How their website appears and functions on a user’s device. Mobile technology is thriving. In developing markets, the use of mobile technology is far easier since there is no setup of the entire infrastructure. It is likely in these markets that online browsing and shopping will be done on a mobile device.

Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook give another medium for customers to give feedback whether it is wanted or not. Businesses must pay attention to what others are saying about their business and brands. They must take an active part in keeping the conversation going so that consumers know that they are being listened to.

The online world also offers more markets and potential customers. Business must look to selling their products and services not just locally but also great distances. This also introduces marketing to different cultures and in languages. They must make their online presence, written materials and offer customer support that communicates to these markets.

Competition is also an issue in the global online market. Competitors can pop-up from any country that can compete head to head with businesses. Countries in Asia such as India, China and the Philippines offer cheap manufacturing of products and if they are moderately fluent in English can offer services virtually to markets in North America and Europe.

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