Comfort Kills Productivity

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 17, 2020

The mention of the word ‘comfort’ instantly conjures an image of bliss, relaxation, happiness and peace. This is a state that many would love to bask in for the rest of their lives, and truly this is a valid wish and aspiration. It is important for one to exist in such a relaxed space once in a while, since the comfort zone is a prize for a period of labor and hard work.

The other side that people living in their comfort zone don’t see is that there is more to life than what is obtainable in that little space called The Comfort Zone’. Just as the name implies, many people get into this zone and get hooked in comfort and complacence, losing even the little zest and zeal they once had for life. The longer they reside in the comfort zone the unhappier they get as time goes by, because comfort itself wears off even in its zone.

So if this happens, why do people remains so deep and get entrapped in their comfort zones?

The answer is quite simple: no one is ever willing to let go of comfort and get themselves out there to face the hurdles of life. Outside of one’s comfort zone is work, real work that gives birth to self- development, financial stability, mental maturity, healthier physique e.t.c. The goodies are enticing but the work needed get them isn’t. Without any outside motivation to move, the average human is ready to remain in their comfort zone as long as they continue to experience pseudo-happiness for the time being.

Some of the major dangers of remaining in one’s comfort zone include:

The comfort zone encourages stagnancy. Remember that this zone is also a confined space, bordered up at all sides to provide a semblance of satisfaction and a prevention from escape. Without movement, progress remains a mirage, and this is what the comfort zone encourages. Imagine needing to go to the mall and then never leaving the bed or stepping out of the house. Weird, right? Same with the comfort zone. Many people admire the success of their mentors and role models but are never ready to yank themselves out of the circle of comfort and pursue their dreams. By the time the discover their mistakes, it is already too late.

Staying in the comfort zone also prevents a person from reaching their true potential and achieving true happiness. The truth is that people in the comfort zone experience a lot of pleasures which contribute to the formation of the overall feeling of ‘comfort’. In the end, all of these pleasures are temporary and never truly satisfying. There will always be this inner crave for more, to do more and to achieve more.

So how can one pull him/herself out the comfort zone?

The first thing to note here is that nothing beautiful comes without discomfort. One may cringe at the thought of that, but it is imperative to also note that this discomfort is an enjoyable one. It is just like a hiker trailing through a steep upward mountain path. That is strenuous, but it is the kind of work that hikers enjoy, hence the participation. Same it is for the discomfort outside of one’s comfort zone. It abounds, but the lessons and adventures that come with it are beautiful.

The steps to taking one’s self out of the comfort zone are achievable only when action is taken. This comes as the first and most important aspect of the process. As a person in their comfort zone, you will need to start admonishing yourself about the dangers of the comfort zone. Until the mind is made up to begin work on the leaving process, the body won’t be propelled into real action.

Once your mind is made up to leave the comfort zone, the next hurdle to be conquered is that of procrastination which is one of the major co-occupant of the comfort zone. As long as you continue to harbor it there will never be progress. The earlier you get rid of it, the better for you. It starts with proactivity. Prepare for the future by creating a list of to-do tasks that will lead towards the fulfillment of your goals and vision. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the task may be it is still necessary to put it down. Writing stuff down activates the brain and promotes action.

Relating with people who detest the comfort zone is another sure way to leave your comfort zone. The saying goes: ‘In the gathering of 5 wise people, you will be the sixth.’ Iron sharpens iron and the people you hang out with the most certainly rub off their character on you. Seek a better pattern for your life by getting close to people operating on a frequency you admire. Watch them and learn how they act. This doesn’t mean that you should totally copy their lifestyle, but it will surely be an inspiration towards forging a better you.

Finally, never settle for less. As you go through life, you will reach milestones and make great achievements. These are wonderful accomplishments, but never allow them push you back into your comfort zone. Always keep your eyes on the large goal, on the brighter picture. Remember that even with all the abundance of now there is always something greater in your future, if only you make a determination to push even further.

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