Change your environemnt to reduce barriers

Darryl Bachmeier
Aug 26, 2019

Adaptability is the key to survival. Trees leaves show a perfect example of adaptability when they become pale during the autumn season and eventually fall. Similarly, if humans have the same level of connectedness with the environment, they would take all necessary measures to optimise their growth and build future. It all starts with the simple rule of truth and acceptance.

Determining success in life

All the factors in the environment, be it friends, location, colleagues, lifestyle, habits impact us more than we imagine. One indeed needs to alter the environment and at times adapt to the environment for leading a healthy life. It is always better to get into the habit of good, positive-minded people if you want to become one of them. Such people might be mentor, whose qualities, skills and habits you intend to adopt. It helps you to raise your morale and improve chance of being successful in life.

On the other hand, the environment also contains some negative elements, which can be detrimental to your dreams. Thus, you need to determine if you should be surrounded by positive-minded people or want your energy to be wasted in the company of negative people.

Can Environment Impact your everyday Life Decisions?

Every day when you go out of your bed and start a day, you are bombarded with a lot of information, situation and temptation which shapes your mind and mood for the rest of the day. Environmental cues are like signs which shape out behaviours and allow us to act in any specific situation. Our decisions are also influenced by our surroundings, like:

  • In case your office is far off from your home, you may reach late at work. So start work late and finish late.
  • Suppose you have bought a new dinner set. The plate you now use for eating dinner is bigger and you require more food, which disturbs your eating pattern and cooking time.
  • You use a laptop to work on an essential assignment while browsing on the web you come across an article on kids. Your attention is diverted and you start reading the article for gaining information.

It can safely be said that if an individual intends to work on some assignment with set mind-set, it will be of no use if the environment diverts his attention as in case of above-mentioned point 3. We all work in the same environment, get influenced by the same environment and the same environment makes us do what we otherwise would not plan to do.

How can we Customize our environment?

There is always an on-going conflict between what we intend to do and what we end up doing at the end of the day. This is all because of how the environment shapes our decisions. Some people are of the view that getting things done is just about reaching there. The environment tells how we choose to do and when. In case all choices are distracting, end results are unexpected.

  • If you intend to bring in improvements in your life pattern, habits and work; then look around and see what steps you can take which are in line with the environment and offer minimal obstacles, like:
  • If you want to improve your health and want to have a good, balanced diet then should eat healthily. Also, keep water and all healthy in arm’s length so you don’t have any hassle when thirsty and hungry.
  • If you are working on some important assignment, make sure to focus on your work and keep distractions at bay.
  • In case you intend to get work done from others, persuade them, convince them and then make them work. It is always better to be logical so it is convenient for your team to concentrate and put their full energy.

Adapt yourself with your environment

It is not just about making changes in the environment, it is wise to change yourself as well as per the environment so the best decision would be taken. There are lot of hurdles in environment, either directly or indirectly. Thus, if it is only about striving for the set goal, It is also about changing yourself, you find those options from the environment which have a positive impact on our action and decision. It helps in getting the desired outcomes.

Environment impacts us more than we think. It shapes our life, decisions, living standards, relationships with others, moods, leisure, and entertainment. Our lives are greatly impacted by our surroundings, including people, events, ambiences and location. The greater sense of adaptability is what is required to get the desired outcome. What we think is dependent upon what information we absorb and how we want to be shaped. Thus, all the barriers and shortcomings in the environment should be removed and the key to that is adaptability.

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