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  • Probably everyone suffered from procrastination at some point in his or her life.  Almost everybody felt how many unnecessary, small and non-urgent tasks piled up into a big, scary and extremely demanding mess that overwhelmed you.  Everybody experienced that problem at least at once, but not everyone could effectively deal with it.

    There is a significant probability that if you are reading these words, then you are probably trying to fight procrastination right now.  The only thing you need to know is that you actually can beat it.  You need to improve your time management, learn how to prioritize tasks, and create reasonable timelines for your assignments.  I have a few tips that can help you with a solid understanding of how to make it all work.

  • The lack of willpower is the greatest obstacle to change; this is what was reported by 27% of the respondents in an America survey published in 2011.

    We base on willpower to continue our exercises, diet, quit drinking or smoking, save money, overcome delaying tactics and eventually achieve any of our goals.

    Willpower affects every single area of our daily life.  However, while it is not a new concept, most majority of us do not have much awareness about it in addition to how to use it wisely.  To figure out many amazing facts about your Willpower keep reading this article.

    What is Willpower, How it Works, and How it is Limited

  • What is Vision Board and How to Create One

    How many of you are feeling anxious and uncomfortable about where your potential future may lead?  Probably from time to time, every person has those feelings.  They are usually extremely unpleasant, and often guides to different dark thoughts and prognosis that sometimes, by some strange conjuncture, comes true.  If that were sounds familiar to you, then you also had to know that everything you are thinking about too much would eventually happen IRL.