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  • We are, generally, inseparable from our environment.  Nature influences us; it affects our society and our culture.  We often forget how strong nature can be.  We can forget that nature is full of life.  It can be difficult to oppose nature.  Instead, we should try to reconnect and live in harmony with nature.

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  • Anxiety is a household word these days.  Every other person experiences this feeling.  Its not specific to a single country, but is felt globally.  Anxiety is a feeling of fear.  Anyone who fears about the future, or future consequences, experiences anxiety.  Anxiety can range from small nervousness to a serious issue.  Nervousness before a presentation, interview, or public speech are some examples of minor anxiety.  Whereas, if this continues for a long period, it is a major one.

    What is Anxiety? 

  • We are always advised to avoid stress, but it is actually a normal part of our lives.  Therefore, instead of avoiding stress, it would be useful to learn how to deal with it.  It can cause us significant problems, and it triggers our fight or flight reaction.  You have to take action unless you want stress to create health problems or worsen the ones you have already.

    Stress is most damaging when it is unexpected, prolonged, and uninterrupted.  Still, you can find a way to deal with it by seeking support from your loved ones, as well as with regular exercise.  Other methods to manage stress are meditation and other relaxation techniques, as well as structured breaks.  It helps if you can learn new coping strategies that would create predictability in your life.