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ZenboLife is a life planning & personal productivity tool. It is a holistic application to help store all your contacts, tasks and notes as well as guide you through the process of planning your life. It is designed to cover all areas of your life to be your all in one source.


  • We all want to belong, it is our inherent desire, and it’s why we cooperate, support common causes, feel nationalism, and that’s the reason for building villages, or cities.  Fortunately, for us, that desire has been begun with loving parents and siblings in a home, which was our laboratory for experimenting with our potential, beliefs, and identity.

    Family is the first and the most critical place for involving in, as it meets our belonging needs in addition to having people by our side through hard times, providing us with confidence, and helping us to be strong enough to face our problems.

  • You are free to choose your actions and words.  You have the power to change your outcomes.  We all believe this myth; it is a myth because this is not applied to all the situations.  Sometimes we are simply influenced by the social influence circulating us.  We tend to behave based on the environment and the environment is made of people and other living beings along with climatic conditions.

    Social influence and the human mind

  • Love is an amazing feeling.  It is human nature to feel loved.  To identify the telltale signs when someone is in love with you, here are some of the obvious situations that you might experience around the one who has fallen in love with you!

    Physical closeness

  • Have you ever wondered what makes us happy?  Wealth, fame, beauty or strength may give you some temporary joy, but one of the most significant factors for happiness lies behind positivity.

    Positivity is mainly embodied in the way people treat you, especially those who have things in common.  However, luck may not be always on your side to meet only this kind of person.  You will definitely encounter people who have a rain cloud hanging over them, no matter what the weather is outside.  They may be your friends, co-workers, classmates.  Accordingly, to avoid getting yourself drained dealing with negative people, the tips below are especially focused on helping you out with it.

    Dig Deeper Without Slipping into the Hole

  • Human beings are social animals and can be highly involved in different kinds of social relationships.  We are connected with many other people in many different ways.  For example, we have family’s relationships, working relations, neighbourhood associations and many other forms of similar connections.

    Some of them may be represented in our life, some may not.  However, there is one particular type that is extremely important for every person.  It is the most helpful, essential, and necessary to have a kind of relationship.  I am talking about friends and associations with them.

    Why is that so important to Have Friends?