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Project Management

  • Importance of Communication

    Continuing to develop the theme of the previous entry, on Communication and project management. Communication has become indispensable to achieve success in projects and the organization of companies. It is, therefore, necessary and extremely important to reflect and plan on how is the best way to communicate in the field of project management and organization of the company. Communicate, is an important part of our day to day and we should pay the attention it deserves. A project manager invests most of his time communicating with all stakeholders or stakeholders of the project:

  • In Project Management, communication management is one of the critical factors of any project.

    According to the PMBOK® guide, communication management includes all the processes necessary to ensure the generation, collection, distribution, storage and last disposal of project information, in the appropriate form and time.

    In short, the person in charge of the project has to ensure that all the interlocutors of his project or stakeholders own or have access, at the right time, to all the required information using the most appropriate and effective means.

  • Currently, most of the strategic initiatives of organizations are materialized through projects. According to the statistics published by the PMI at PMI’s Press of the Profession in March 2013, there is still a high percentage of projects that do not reach their objectives or that are canceled during execution. This generates that the organizations lose money and their motivation in the implementation of the same ones.

    I know that there are no magic recipes, but during my time as a project manager, and multiple talks with my colleagues, I have identified some practices that can reduce the gap of failed projects or that do not meet their objectives.

    Below I share what I have called the 6tips to succeed in projects:

  • Defining the Work Team

    The Work Team is a small group of people with complementary abilities that interact directly, committed to a common purpose, work objective, and planning and with shared mutual responsibility.

  • The methodology that Scrum proposes for the management of business projects is based on partial deliveries prioritized according to the benefit that it is going to report to the client or the company.

  • When it comes to project management , you can do it in the way that is most comfortable for you. However, today we are going to talk about Kanban, a method that will help you simplify and improve processes.

    The Kanban method is a way of working to manage projects, which is characterized by being simple to use, and updatable. It also serves to lead the development of work, in an effective and productive way.

  • The roles in a project are crucial; they must be clearly defined and may vary depending on the work we have planned to do.

    Everything depends on the structure you have planned, which has to adapt to the complexity and type of project you are working on. To adapt it, the person responsible for it must be ordered. In addition, the structure must match the policies of the company and the particular conditions of the project, such as the number of workers available, time, or the complexity of it.

  • Before starting with project management, it is essential to previously establish the objectives we want to achieve and analyze the costs derived from this strategy.

    Objectives and challenges of project management

    During the management of a project, it is necessary to have some objectives, and normal to find some challenges during the process. That’s why it’s important to know what they are, so you avoid making several mistakes when it’s time to organize your project.

  • Profile of the Project Leader

    The Project Leader is the one that molds and shapes the structure of each group. With his leadership, the leader can get to form groups of people who manage to function as a real work team.

    The leader based on the motto divides and reigns, governs with great success the working group but does not produce a team capable of achieving success, only groups people to perform a specific task.

    The good leader with his actions develops work teams, using the right mix of loyalty, motivation, and confidence that every human being needs to believe and undertake in pursuit of group objectives.

  • Few things are as relevant to the productivity of a company as the management of their projects.

    Companies are overly concerned about finding a good, beautiful and cheap software application for project management.

    From my point of view, this is a wrong approach because before choosing a software tool for project management it is necessary to define and institutionalize the work process that allows optimizing the development of projects.

    The best software application is useless if you do not have a well-defined work procedure. However, with a common application and a sound project management methodology, great results can be achieved in the development of projects.