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  • Mysterious but Explainable! 

    Defying inertia to attain the highest mastery of a skill or an art is magical.  You would agree with me that it is quite, a mysterious phenomenon but explainable. 

    Quickly, let us have a flash back – remember the first time you touched the piano with the intention to play?  Alternatively, the first time the fine artiste in you prompted you to pick up your bristles and paint a drawing.  Alternatively, the ever first time you found an inspiration to write. 

  • If you have never tracked your time before, you might be surprised to know that tracking time is a crucial thing that the most productive people do.

    It is hard to know whether you are using your time efficiently or not!  It may seem that you are working hard, but do you really spend your time doing the right things?

    Tracking time can help you get a perspective on your life to determine whether the way you spend your time is right to your priorities.  However, how it works, what you will learn from, and why you should do it?  Let us dive into these questions and discover how tracking time affects our lives.

    Why You Should Track Your Time

    While there are countless benefits to tracking time, these benefits are my favorites!

  • Several great people from the past to the present have had some morning routine, from Benjamin Franklin to Arianna Huffington.  It would be safe, therefore, to say that this contributed to their incredible success.

    A morning routine is a series of things you do in the morning before going to your place of work.  That said, you already have a morning routine.  Several people have a morning routine that looks like this: wake up, hit the snooze button of the alarm, and sleep for another 30 minutes.

  • What is life but our daily routine?  Day to day rituals are a big part of our life.  A proper daily routine followed devotionally makes us happier, more productive, and provides the freedom to do what we want.  Most successful people structure their daily lives very carefully.  They know the importance of discipline and habit.  Having a proper daily schedule is necessary as it can help you to finish your daily task more early then that expected.  Here are a some ways in which you can plan your day for maximum productivity:

    Change your bedtime

  • In today’s exponentially growing world, everyone is busy with his or her work and daily schedule.  People have a lot to do, which invites tension and anxiety.  This tension and anxiety do not let you work properly.  While being on work, there are many chances that there will be distractions.  However, to forget everything, overcoming distractions and keeping the focus on your work is the key to success.

    Why focus on work? 

  • Saying "no" to any proposal, invitation or offer may be quite hard sometimes, even if you have a really good reason to refuse.  Many people are finding themself in a situation when they cannot reject any offer because of the authority, social status, and dominant behaviour of the requestor.  Is there any possibility to learn how to give a confident refusal?  Sure there is!

    Mix it With a Compliment or Kindness

    That is the ultimate weapon of every grandparent and parent.  "I love you, but you cannot," sounds much better and polite than just a dry, "I said no.”  When you are combining different kinds of compliments, which are perceived positively, with refusing, which are unpleasant for most people, you get a "somewhere in between" result.

  • If your work routine involves endless to-do lists, if during your day you jump from branch to branch trying to do a little of each thing to meet all your demands, if you have the feeling that everything important was to yesterday, then maybe it’s time to stop to gauge how you’re working.

    The attempt to do several things at the same time (“multitasking” in the English term, which does not have a version like this in Portuguese) is very seductive. The notion that we will be able to do more during the day is extremely seductive, and we will do anything to make us believe we will gain a little bit more from this scarce commodity. However, today it is known that the idea that you can do several things at once is a myth.