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  • Workout and benefits

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word “workout?”  It is most likely body exercise for a reason.  Exercise is crucial to us as it offers many advantages.  A major reason for engaging in exercise is weight loss and body fitness.  For some other people, it is not to lose weight but to build muscle tone and strength.  Research has also shown that a proper workout session helps to improve one’s mood, with this increasing the mental health status.  There are many other reasons why workout is necessary.

    Why you need to track your workouts

  • Healthy eating is determined by the use of a variety of natural foods to meet the needs of the human body.  All nutrients must be taken in adequate amount.  Balance in eating is the key to getting rid of high blood pressure, cholesterol and to maintain normal body weight and normal blood sugar.

    Complex carbohydrates

  • Good sleep is one of the human beings basic needs.  Let us find out how to sleep well daily for overall health benefits.

    Importance of good sleep

    Good sleep is beneficial for body functioning, cognition, immunity and relationship effectiveness.  A sleepy person is usually unable to do something adequately.

    How much is enough?

    An average a person needs 7 hours of sleep every 24 hours but it may be more or less based on age, habits, occupation etc.

    Know when you are sleepy and respect this feeling

  • Isn’t it amazing how our bodies heal with time?  The most important thing to remember is that true healing has to take time.  Our bodies actually send us feedback, which is handy information.  If you stop and listen to your body, you will learn ways to improve your health.

    Try to consider symptoms as gifts, because they guide you to the changes you need to make.  They tell you about the changes in your diet that you need to make as well as the changes in your overall lifestyle.  The ability of the body to heal itself is amazing, but you need to keep in mind that it takes time.  Let your body do the work and be patient.  You can help your body heal with things like healthy food, enough sleep and rest, fresh air, exercise, and sunshine.

  • You might think that meal planning is not necessary or that it is overwhelming…  Maybe you believe that it is too hard.  Still, try to imagine a week of successfully made dinners with all the groceries shopped for and recipes selected in advance.  If you are the one who does the cooking in your household and has a career, it can be hard to cook every day. 

    Let us face it not only does it take up a lot of time, but it also creates a mess that you need to clean up later.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a good system that would make all this easier?  How would you feel if you could answer the question “What’s for dinner” only once for the whole week?  With meal planning, it is entirely possible.

  • “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”  You really have to love yourself first to get anything in this world.  Even psychologists believe that one must love themself first.  Whatever your size may be, whatever your complexion, it is very important to love yourself.  Loving yourself boosts your confidence and courage in you.

    What is self-love?