Busting myths about community college

Darryl Bachmeier
Nov 4, 2020

From financial relaxation to higher-quality teachers, Community College has way more to offer than expected.

Defining Community College

Community college is a two-year program that offers a variety of courses. Students can easily enroll in a community college after High School.

Benefits of Community College

Community college gets a bad rep from many people. Society as a whole has made community college somewhat a butt of the joke, making people scared of attending it. But we are here to ease your mind and tell you all of the great things about community college so you can make the right decision for your future.

Financial Ease

Universities cost a lot. We all have heard about the crushing debt of student aid and want to avoid it like the plague. Luckily, community colleges do not cost you an arm and a leg just to get an education.

The community college has some of the lowest costs for higher education, giving you a financial advantage if you want to save up or want a cheaper gateway to higher education.

A Chance to Choose

Not everyone has it all figured out. Not everyone knows what the next step is. It can be quite scary to choose a major without fully knowing whether you want to peruse it further down in your life or not when universities cost a lot.

Community college can help you with this issue. You can easily take classes at your local community college and test what major suits your needs without the added pressure of financial loss.

A Chance to Improve

Sometimes you didn’t do the best in high school. Community college gives you a chance to improve those stats. When you study in a community college, your high school records do not hold the importance they once did.

After going to community college and improving there, there is an option to transfer to a bachelor’s program, making a new start for your academic record.

Transfer Credits

A two-year program at a community college gives you a chance to transfer your credits to a traditional college/university to a bachelor’s program.

This is a great way to get your education and also save up for a traditional school, earning yourself credits along the way.

Flexible Timings

One of the great benefits of community college is the freedom to choose your timing according to your schedule.

The option of night classes is available in community college so you can pick the timing you want without the fear of missing out on your education. It is a great option for people with jobs and families.

Online Classes

More and more community colleges are offering online classes to their students. This is an amazing opportunity to learn if you cannot go take classes physically.

Community colleges make sure to hire professors that can appear at odd hours to teach their respective classes.

Qualified Teachers

People often assume that community colleges do not have qualified instructors and professors. The truth is that many qualified teachers teach community colleges.

Many professors seek a job at the community college because of the flexible hours, their love for teaching, and their pursuit to do their projects.

Smaller Classrooms

Surprisingly, community colleges have a smaller population of students in a classroom. This is an amazing thing as this type of environment gives room to the students and professors to learn about each other.

This also allows the students to learn at their own pace and ask as many questions as their heart desires.

Earn Professional Certificates

Community college allows you to get professional diplomas and certificates that cannot normally be earned in a traditional school.

This allows them to have more resources; knowledge and a chance to earn higher revenue.

Transfer to Traditional College/ University

Whenever the student chooses, they can transfer themselves to a traditional college or university.

Not only that, but they have the option to take their credit with them that they have earned in the community college, making sure that their time has not been wasted.


Community college is a place of great opportunities. It offers a kick start to higher education without the true burdens of a traditional college. Whether you are unsure of the major you want to pick, need a less financially taxing college, or are running a house, community college can be an amazing option to opt for to make things a little easier.

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