Business leadership and its 10 basic characteristics

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 19, 2019

Business leadership is a capacity that we all have, but we do not always take advantage of it. Becoming a good leader is one of the keys for you to achieve efficient and integrative teamwork. We tell you below the 10 basic characteristics that you must take into account.

When we talk about a leader, we are not simply referring to a boss. A group of workers accepts a person as their leader when they understand that their recommendations are the most convenient for the majority. To do this, you must know how to communicate with your team, motivate them to achieve better results and create a climate where everyone shares the same ideas and objectives. Only then can you go from being just a boss to being a leader. That’s what business leadership consists of.

According to experts, business leadership is defined as: “Situation of superiority in which a company, a product or an economic sector is located, within its scope.”

According to Wikipedia: Leadership is the set of managerial or managerial skills that an individual has to influence the way of being of people or a specific group of people, making this teamwork with enthusiasm, in the achievement of goals and objectives.

Be that as it may, a leader is a person who gets everything that is proposed. At present, all companies must have a profile within their organization chart that overflows entrepreneurial leadership skills; a leader who knows how to guide the company towards the objectives set, drawing an effective strategy and transmitting it appropriately to the team.

In future articles, we will see the different types of business leadership that we can find in the business world, but first, let’s see what the characteristics or skills that every leader must meet are.

10 skills that business leadership must meet


The natural ability to attract and seduce people is very necessary for a leader. A leader with charisma allows them to win over the work team and that they get the best out of themselves for the benefit of the company. Charisma makes you unique and attractive to others; Learn to take advantage of it. The leader always stands out above the rest and is able to guide people in the same direction.


Obviating the part that must have a piece of thorough knowledge about the company, the leader must know how to manage and organize the resources available to him. You must have everything under control and be aware of future conflicts that may arise and have a good capacity for a reaction as well as problem-solving.


It is not only about having a good idea but about it being unique and being able to carry it out. Every leader is characterized by his long-term vision, by anticipating the problems, by detecting opportunities that only he sees, by being constantly searching for perfection and always going ahead.


The leader has to be an excellent speaker to convey their thoughts correctly with the rest of the team. This ability will allow you to “sell” your ideas suggestively and persuasively. If you can not make the message understand clearly, then the message is meaningless.


Very related to the previous one since he must know how to transmit all this enthusiasm to the rest of the people so that they believe in him and that they perceive the leader’s message as a positive goal for them and the organization. He has to get the whole team to follow him and row in the same direction.


The leader wants results since at the end of the day it is the most important thing. And he wants them fast. It must solve the problems that arise immediately and effectively. Make decisions, is brave and does not hide before its possible consequences.


The leader bases his success on his leadership skills and the art of conviction, but sometimes he has to know how to impose his authority when the situation requires it. He is sympathetic, but he is not soft and does not shrink from problems. He must know how to transmit the demand not only to his work team but also to himself.


All leadership must overflow with creativity to propose innovative solutions. The leader has to be daring and be able to see situations from new perspectives. A creative leader is able to promote novel ideas and face the risks that these can generate.


A good leader is a great negotiator who deals with customers, employees, suppliers, etc. He knows how to sell himself and his ideas very well through persuasion and conviction since he presents his arguments in such a way that he gains the attention of the other party.


The last but not least. Honesty is an ethical value that must be present in any person with leadership. If the team detects this honesty, they will understand that they are in front of a leader who will not leave them in the middle of the road and will have their confidence won.

And we’re going to give you a gift: the leader has to be in constant development learning new skills and knowledge to put into practice.

If you have all these skills, we would be in front of a complete leader. They may have more or less, be some more powerful than others, but strictly must be present in their behavior. Does your company have it?

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