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Understanding the Wellness Continuum

Darryl Bachmeier Aug 17, 2019 Body

When we talk about wellness, people usually relate it to absence or recovery from illness. However, according to researchers, there are varying degrees of wellness just like varying degrees of illness. To further describe the health status of a person, they illustrate an Illness/Wellness Continuum by relating the treatment paradigm with the wellness paradigm. In this continuum, they demonstrate how the health status of a person progresses while moving from left to right. Starting from left to the center of the continuum indicates the treatment paradigm of an individual. While from the center to the right of the continuum, it indicates the wellness paradigm. When we need to estimate the degree of wellness of an individual, we consider the left-most part of the treatment paradigm as an indication of disease or premature death. And when we move towards the center, it’s considered as the neutral point or elimination of the...

How Social Determinants Impact Health and Health Equity?

Darryl Bachmeier Jul 24, 2019 Body

Our surroundings and environment, where we live or work greatly impact our health. This impact can either be related to social factors like living standards, access to nutritious foods, etc., or they can be related to economic factors like income, education, and job opportunities. These external factors which affect the health of an individual are known as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Some examples of SDOH include: Safe housing and livelihood Better childhood development Health care and emergency services Safety and transportation Social inclusion Literacy and education Income and Job opportunities Clean, hygienic, and secure environment Access to clean water and nutritious foods Access to recreational activities Prevention of racism and discrimination The social determinants can influence our health both in a positive or negative way. For example, people with low-income who are living in underprivileged areas suffer from poor health conditions compared to those who are living in flourishing...

5 Ways to Stop Overeating and Transform Your Physical Health

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 3, 2019 Body

Are you worried about overeating making you obese and affecting your health? Learn about its causes and adopt proven solutions to finally put an end to it. We’ve all been in that situation: it’s your friend’s birthday and the cake is so delicious that you end up eating more than you intended to in the first place. Or, you’re stressed about something and you constantly find yourself turning to your fridge to help you cope with it. Even though you might be conscious that it is not good for your health, there’s a lot more to overeating than you might have imagined. In the long term, overeating can cause serious health issues including type 2 diabetes and obesity which can significantly reduce the quality of your life. To tackle it successfully, you need to first understand why it happens in the first place. What makes you eat more than you...

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