• It is undeniable that everyone aims to stand out throughout his or her lives.  However, sometimes, you choose your path out of fear disguised as practicality.  What you really want may seem impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect.  You never find the right time, right money, or any other excuse, so you never dare to ask the universe for it.

    Such an act is a self-defeating behavior called self-sabotage.  The critical inner voice represents a negative sense of self.  Therefore, it can interfere with your plans and ruin your most ambitious goals even before you try to achieve them.

    The following are three common ways how we place unnecessary limitations on ourselves.

    Three Most Common Ways to Sabotage Yourself


    We all have been in that mood when you have so many things to do; but then, find yourself doing everything else but those things, only to prevent you from actually facing the task.  In addition, with every failed attempt to do the thing you want, you "prove" to yourself that you cannot or should not do it.  Something needs to be changed here, right?  Instead of focusing on the end goal, set clear and small victories you can achieve by the end of the day.  Whatever they are, they do not have to be perfect, they just have to exist!  Start now and you will build self-confidence to reach the bigger picture.


  • Isn’t it amazing how our bodies heal with time?  The most important thing to remember is that true healing has to take time.  Our bodies actually send us feedback, which is handy information.  If you stop and listen to your body, you will learn ways to improve your health.

    Try to consider symptoms as gifts, because they guide you to the changes you need to make.  They tell you about the changes in your diet that you need to make as well as the changes in your overall lifestyle.  The ability of the body to heal itself is amazing, but you need to keep in mind that it takes time.  Let your body do the work and be patient.  You can help your body heal with things like healthy food, enough sleep and rest, fresh air, exercise, and sunshine.

    Even if you do not need to do this for your body, why don’t you do it for yourself?  A healthy lifestyle leads to a happier life, and it will be easier for your body to heal in the future.  Let us look at some ways you can help your body heal.

    Feed your body

    There is the right choice of food for any problem you might be experiencing.  Vitamin A will help your skin and bones, while Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen.  If you have problems with pain, bruising, swelling, or have experienced trauma or surgery, a pineapple will help your body heal.

  • You might think that meal planning is not necessary or that it is overwhelming…  Maybe you believe that it is too hard.  Still, try to imagine a week of successfully made dinners with all the groceries shopped for and recipes selected in advance.  If you are the one who does the cooking in your household and has a career, it can be hard to cook every day. 

    Let us face it not only does it take up a lot of time, but it also creates a mess that you need to clean up later.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a good system that would make all this easier?  How would you feel if you could answer the question “What’s for dinner” only once for the whole week?  With meal planning, it is entirely possible.

    Start planning your meals during the weekend and it will free up your time during the week.  People who have balanced lives know how important planning and doing things in advance really is.  It is actually one of the reasons why they have balanced lives, after all.  You can do the same thing, and it just takes a little effort and determination.  After all, how do you really feel about cooking during the week?  You would probably rather make use of that time for something else.

  • “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”  You really have to love yourself first to get anything in this world.  Even psychologists believe that one must love themself first.  Whatever your size may be, whatever your complexion, it is very important to love yourself.  Loving yourself boosts your confidence and courage in you.

    What is self-love?

    Self-love is the belief that you can do better, you are the best, and you have the power within to conquer the entire world.  It is the belief that you are a valuable and worthy person.  It makes you love yourself.  You feel confident, no matter where you stand or what you look like.  You believe that your life is precious, and you are worth it.  When you fully accept yourself, including your flaws and imperfections, that is self-love.

    Why should you love yourself?

    Loving yourself is one of the most important aspects of living a beautiful life.  It is the way of accepting yourself, irrespective of your looks, weight, complexion, and other such things.  Everyone can surely benefit from a positive body image.  Love yourself to make your life easier, happier, and enjoyable.

  • Everyone likes to think of themselves as a good person.  Still, some people are genuinely good people while others pretend or simply cannot live up to that.  It is essential to try to be a good person because good people are the ones that have a happy life and healthy relationships.  All of us strive to be good people, but not all of us succeed in it.  What makes a good person?


    A good person knows right from wrong.  They care about ethics and always try to do the right thing.  Still, doing the right thing is not always easy.  That is why you really need to be a good person to always do what is right.

    Doing no harm

    Doing no harm is like a life slogan of good people.  They would never purposely do harm to anyone, even if those people deserve it.  Intentionally harming another human being is not something you will see a good person ever do.

    Respect and compliments

    This type of person knows how important respect is.  Therefore, they treat everyone with respect.  Everyone feels excellent around this type of person because not only do they show respect for everyone, but they give compliments too.  A good person knows that everyone needs praise.  Complimenting others is also a sign that they can be happy for someone else, which is another quality of good people.  They are polite to everyone, and they treat others the way they want to be treated themselves.

  • Some people look and always act as if they know what to do with their life.  They are unhesitatingly going through any obstacles, never getting any doubts about the decisions they make, and feel completely fulfilled.  What do you do if you are not so lucky to be one of these?  What do you do if you are not sure, why you exist and what is your life purpose?  Well, here are a few tips about finding it.

    Think What Gives You the Most Joy

    It is seldom possible that your life purpose will make you unhappy, uncomfortable to do or to get any embarrassment.  Every person that thinks they already found their life mission reported that they feel incredibly thrilled and joyful while making any activity somehow connected with it.  Even if that kind of action does not allow you to get a lot of money or help to develop a career, you should pay serious attention to it.  Try to determine the thing that makes you happy and inspired, and spend more time on it.

    Get More Experiences

    It is rarely possible that you can determine your real life purpose if you spend all of your time sitting on the couch and watching TV shows.  The more static your life is, the less possible that you will ever discover your real purpose.  If every day looks similar and you still have the feeling of emptiness and cannot figure what to do with your life, doesn’t that mean that you have to try something new?

  • Do you feel like you are juggling many roles in your life?  Let us face it, many of us struggle to have a successful career while maintaining a happy family as well as trying to have fun in the process.

    The truth is, the chase for wealth is often a priority of ours since we are doing it for our family as well...  In addition, how could we afford to have fun if we were not so dedicated to our jobs?  Our own well-being tends to be neglected in the process.  The truth is, no matter how hard we work, only a few of us afford the luxury of having a balanced life.

    When I think about a person whose life is not balanced, I imagine a woman talking on the phone while holding a bag of groceries and closing the car doors with her leg.  It seems like she is trying so hard to have everything under control... yet her bag of groceries falls, and her phone conversation is ended too soon.

    Her kids are running towards her telling her about their day while she is trying to think of what to say to her boss.  Alternatively, maybe a man who is sitting in his office working late again and missing another birthday.  Sounds familiar?  I know, I have had many days like this.

  • Life is pretty bright and joyful in all of its diversity.  Its complexity sometimes may lead many individuals to feel a bit lost and struggle to understand what their purpose of life must be.  That leads to unnecessary soul-searching, depression, and frustration.  Those whose productivity suffers a lot, and they cannot properly concentrate on achieving their goals.  So let us determine the central life's areas.

    Physical Health

    Any person cannot concentrate on achieving their primary goals at the same time as they feel any physical discomfort.  The distraction effect of any pain type, cough, high temperature, physical injury is unbelievably huge.  People that are suffering from any chronic illness demonstrate not only poor job performance but also a significantly worse brain activity and cognitive functions compared to a healthy individual.

    Spiritual Needs

    Morality, law-abiding, religious beliefs – are all the part of the spiritual needs.  While we are kids, we soak up the religious beliefs, moral principles, and then acting according to them as we grow up.  If the Bible than you raised you probably will feel more comfortable adhering to Ten Commandments. 

    Family and Friends

  • We are what we eat.  This adage is the most accurate one when health is concerned.  Our body reacts to the things that we consume daily.  Hence, our health is entirely our responsibility.

    What is addiction?

    Extremity and addiction to anything is not good.  The over intake of a food item or overindulgence in any activity can lead to many drastic effects in the life of an individual.  When we talk about addiction, why do we only consider drugs and alcohol?  The truth is anything when consumed in high amounts is harmful.  Practicing moderation in everything is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life. 

    Let us take an example

    Sugar is probably that one thing which is loved and craved by the masses.  Today nearly, every condiment, which is processed in a factory, has some amount of sugar in it.  The recommended daily sugar intake for a person is two spoons, and that is it.  However, we are consuming much more than this recommendation. 

    Health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, heart-problems, and most significantly, obesity are on the rise, and the main reason for all this is sugar addiction.  Processed sugar has zero nutritional value to it, and we are just straight up consuming some poison.

  • The older you get, the more you become inclined to focus on the deep aspects of life.  Instead of being caught up in the superficial stuff such as money, appearances, and prestige, age becomes like the curtain that pulls away slowly, revealing to you what really matters.

    It is sad that by the time we grow to gain that wisdom, we could be too old to do much about it.  However, while it is never too late to be who we want to be, we still can seek wisdom at any age.

    Let us consider six lessons of the aging and dying, which teach us how to feel more fulfilled in life, in addition to helping us to better understand our elderly loved ones.

    Never put off expressing your feelings

    Overall, politeness is preferred over authenticity in most cultures.  However, having conversations based on our true feelings is a necessary life-enhancing tool at our disposal.  You can’t go back and apologize for any mistakes that might have hurt someone you love, express gratitude for someone who might have been genuinely kind to you or even get information from somebody who has already passed away.  Sometimes, it is inevitable to hold ourselves accountable to being honest, regardless of how tough it feels.

    Live on your own terms