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  • Habits may make or break us.  They develop with us as we grow.  The strongest habits are those that had been living in us throughout our early childhood.  Think about why it is a happiness booster for some of us to go out on a walk daily and it is a punishment for others.

    Defining keystone habit and its importance!

    A keystone habit is that one single habit that has the strongest effect on us.  We can change our life and make big improvements within us; we achieve great things in life by using the keystone habit.  While the keystone habit may be positive or negative but the good ones make our life and bad ones break us sometimes.

    It is important to create change in our life either through four of these categories:





    When the already made habits work for a long time, this may lose their effect and that is why we need to identify the old ones and develop some new ones for our success over time.

    It means success or it means failure, you have the power to choose-

    Keystone habits are the foundation of your many other habits and daily life behaviors.  They are good to use for supporting small achievements and leading to healthy choices with more confidence.  This is one of the ingredients that take you ahead from your present state of mind.  Some major examples of what we call keystone habits are:

  • You are free to choose your actions and words.  You have the power to change your outcomes.  We all believe this myth; it is a myth because this is not applied to all the situations.  Sometimes we are simply influenced by the social influence circulating us.  We tend to behave based on the environment and the environment is made of people and other living beings along with climatic conditions.

    Social influence and the human mind

    Influence is uncontrollable as we are a part of this society we belong to we have 50% of its influence.  But this also depends on several other factors for example, how easily we are convinced by others, how flexible we are, how much we pay attention to them, how frequently we interact within a certain social environment and so on.  For example, if someone works in a bar it is more likely for the person to drink casually than the one who is a sales clerk in car service facilities.  Still, there are very few chances for someone to take that influence because if the person has no family history of smoking and drinking this might means that the person does not prefer to drink.

    Your beliefs and people

  • Doubtlessly, no one’s life is free from sorrow, grief, despair or even helplessness.  There are moments in life that seem short and silly but are hard to forget for they can be the cause of depression for the rest of your life.  Sadness is an inner feeling or an emotional pain that is characterized by feelings of disadvantage, anger, and disappointment.

    This blog is not written to underestimate your hard times but to show that if you submit to this pain, then say goodbye to your dream-achieving endeavors.

    What are the Factors of Sadness?

    You have to bear in mind that not everyone is affected by the same factor of this fatal feeling, but they might have the same appearance as a sad person.


    Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that results from various situations in your life.  In these situations where you feel under pressure, such as having a new job or the loss of a beloved one, it is more likely for you to feel sad if you lack the ability to deal with stress and hard times.  If you have trouble coping with stress, which is not an abnormal idea, it will wear you down and overwhelm you.  What is important to mention here is that by not dealing with stress, your relationships will suffer, your productivity will decrease, and overall sadness will be your umbrella.    

    Frustrating People

  • In today’s exponentially growing world, everyone is busy with his or her work and daily schedule.  People have a lot to do, which invites tension and anxiety.  This tension and anxiety do not let you work properly.  While being on work, there are many chances that there will be distractions.  However, to forget everything, overcoming distractions and keeping the focus on your work is the key to success.

    Why focus on work? 

    As we work, there will be moments when our alertness drops off, increasing the chances of distractions.  That is the point where you need to focus; you need to come back to your work.  Having focus while working assures good quality and mistake-free work.  In addition, you are quicker at work when you focus completely.  Your focus is on the task alone which makes you work faster and speedily.

    When you focus on your work, there are more chances of being accurate.  In addition, you tend to have less stress and you enjoy doing work.  On the other hand, when you distract from your work, there are chances of error, tensions, and anxiety.

    A Famous Quote by Jim Taylor-

    “Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making.”  Therefore, without good focus, you are prone to losing your thinking abilities.

    Focus- the first step towards success and leadership

  • As each day goes by, we engage in a range of activities that are borne out of habits.  From taking your bath to picking up your phone, you are certainly doing something that has become a part of your life.  Learning a new language, visiting the new bridge, and becoming a World Superstar are all a few of the many things we want to achieve, but we are restricted by time and energy.  No one needs to tell us that we must take deliberate steps and imbibe healthy habits in order to achieve the goals that we set in life. 

    It is often said that change is the only permanent thing, yet habits are not so easy to change.  It is mostly difficult to develop strengths, improve on work performance, or change behaviors.  A lot of discipline is required to make good habits, as there are no short cuts.  One strategy that helps in the development of new and healthy habits is habit stacking.

    Now, what is habit stacking?  Habit stacking connotes laying of habits on top of one another so that they can become a lifestyle.  When you cluster desirable habits with the ones that you already have, they are more likely to develop into new habits.  In addition, that is how you create routines-one habit stacked right on top of another.

    How does Habit Stacking work?

  • Have you ever thought about training your mind and gaining what you want?  Do you feel you need to have more control over whatever you need in life?  You can attract all that you need in your life by mastering the art of visualization.  This is one of the daily tools to use and turning your dreams into reality.

    What is it and why people use it?

    Visualization is a method to prepare your brain for functioning in a certain way.  As we have an idea that our brain does what think if we think positive, our brain draws us to behave accordingly.

    Using this method is effective for several reasons:








    Attainment of something

    Getting love


    Fame and job

    Whatever the reason is, this is easy and safe to use daily.Just sit back and relax so that you can begin this magical journey.

    How do these techniques work?

  • Automatic negative thoughts do come in our mind without any reason.  Our experiences make us fall in the same pit repeatedly.  There is no doubt that our mind continues to think frequently and the thoughts unconsciously make us uncomfortable from time to time in similar situations due to our experiences.

    What is a rut?

    This simply means being stuck in a situation.There is a feeling of fear and failure that hold us back from moving forward, facing situations and overcoming the issues.This is similar to your cycle being stuck in a muddy hole.

    How to find when you are in a state of a rut?

    Our mind may have several frequent thoughts about the delay in trying out new tasks, changing routine or going somewhere where you never visit before.  Think about taking a new road or route while you drive a vehicle.

    What causes it?

    There are many reasons behind it; two of the most common are as follows:

    The thoughts you have about the certain activity is not realistic, you simply assume because you have faced it before

    You are gaining some sort of benefit from this situation, for example, it is easier for you to continue doing nothing

    Why is it important to get rid of it?

  • Thinking about the past can be very helpful since it can help you to prevent a repeat of problems you once created or help you to solve other issues faster in the future.  Thinking about the future can also be very helpful as it can help you to plan adequately for a problem you might encounter.  Thinking about the past and the future can, however, be very bad when taken or done in excess.  Doing either of the two in excess is called overthinking.

    Overthinking is thinking about something for too much for too long.  It usually has to do with thoughts about things that have happened and what you could have done to prevent it or what will happen and how you will deal it or handle it; only you never actually do anything physically.

    If you are wondering if you overthink, some signs could help you decide.  If you find out that you do most of these, you most likely overthink:

  • Mental toughness is used to refer to a set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with stressful or difficult situations.  Most of the time, when mental toughness is spoken about, it is used to describe top athletes or some other very high performer, and a series of actions are prescribed to be carried out so you too can become mentally tough.

    Well, the truth is that most people are already mentally tough.

    At its core, mental toughness is all about having an effective method to deal with stress!  Most of the high performers can deal with stress and still reach their goals.  The average Joe on the street is also able to do this.

    What does the high performer have on Joe?  Unlike Joe, the high performer is more likely to face stress in a positively conscious manner, while Joe is likely to face stress in an unconscious or negatively conscious manner.

    What is this person talking about?

    Let us look at Joe’s life.  When Joe tried to kiss his first girlfriend, he was so nervous that he practically passed out.  After a few days, Joe could not remember that this event occurred.  This is called repression.  Joe has successfully been able to remove the event from his conscious thoughts.

    A few days after the terrible kiss, Joe’s girlfriend breaks up with him.  He, however, continues to call his girlfriend daily.  Joe is in denial that his girlfriend broke up with him.

  • You have landed a new office job and want to prove your work ethic.  It means going in early and staying late, working for hours and hours while dealing with high stress. Sometimes even working on weekends.  Along with it, you always worry about your performance and future in the job. In time, you realize you have been neglecting your health. You lack energy and have zero desire to do anything. You have begun to show signs of Burnout.

    What is Burnout?

    Herbert Freudenberg first introduced this particular term “Burnout” in 1974 in his book - The High Cost of High Achievement.  It is defined as "the lack of motivation, especially where one's devotion to work or relationship fails to produce desired results."

    Prolonged job stress leads to a reaction, which is characterized by:

    1. Exhaustion
    2. Cynicism
    3. A feeling of professional incapability.

    Burnout is not merely a result in long working hours, but when a person's job conflicts with their sense of self. It may also result when a person is working towards a particular goal with little success. Burnout syndrome does have a severe impact on our physical body as well as mental health.