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ZenboLife is a life planning & personal productivity tool. It is a holistic application to help store all your contacts, tasks and notes as well as guide you through the process of planning your life. It is designed to cover all areas of your life to be your all in one source.


  • Project Management

    Profile of the Project Leader

    The Project Leader is the one that molds and shapes the structure of each group. With his leadership, the leader can get to form groups of people who manage to function as a real work team.

    The leader based on the motto divides and reigns, governs with great success the working group but does not produce a team capable of achieving success, only groups people to perform a specific task.

    The good leader with his actions develops work teams, using the right mix of loyalty, motivation, and confidence that every human being needs to believe and undertake in pursuit of group objectives.

    The project leader has to manage all the project stakeholders; lead, direct, coordinate with your work team; plan, organize, monitor and evaluate the progress and results of the project; communicate, solve problems, motivate, direct and attend meetings, interact with clients; hiring, supervising, promoting or dismissing staff. All this requires not only knowledge in the branch of project management, but also human resources, conflict resolution, and other branches that allow it to be multifunctional and effective. For this reason, it can not be satisfied with the acquired knowledge alone, but it must be maintained in continuous learning for the development of abilities, abilities, and skills that increase its personal competences.

  • Marketing

    Value proposition is an element within the marketing area where one determines the set of advantages that your company has to offer. Through it you can easily identify your main ideas and projects, which are going to be decisive for you to attract and ensure the customers you crave.

    Unveiling the Value Proposition

    The premise here is to define the importance of your product or service to the customer. Through the value proposition, it is possible to understand why customers opt for one type of product rather than another.

    The creation of the strategic process of value proposition is of paramount importance to get the customers that the company expects and keep them satisfied.

    The value proposition is elaborated based on the perception of the strengths of the brand, product or service. These points will determine and indicate how it should be recognized in the universe of buying and selling. It is the certainty of the quality of what it has to offer. This is what will point out why the consumer needs to buy his product and not the competitor.

    Generally speaking, the value proposition clarifies how your products and services would satisfy the client’s needs satisfactorily or how they could bring about a significant improvement in your life, being something that is superior and that stands out from the others bringing exclusivity.

  • Leadership

    Business leadership is a capacity that we all have, but we do not always take advantage of it. Becoming a good leader is one of the keys for you to achieve efficient and integrative teamwork. We tell you below the 10 basic characteristics that you must take into account.

    When we talk about a leader, we are not simply referring to a boss. A group of workers accepts a person as their leader when they understand that their recommendations are the most convenient for the majority. To do this, you must know how to communicate with your team, motivate them to achieve better results and create a climate where everyone shares the same ideas and objectives. Only then can you go from being just a boss to being a leader. That’s what business leadership consists of.

    According to experts, business leadership is defined as: “Situation of superiority in which a company, a product or an economic sector is located, within its scope.”

    According to Wikipedia: Leadership is the set of managerial or managerial skills that an individual has to influence the way of being of people or a specific group of people, making this teamwork with enthusiasm, in the achievement of goals and objectives.

  • Teams

    Many teams, those who work mainly on long projects, end up reducing their production and performance, because that initial challenge is being changed by the daily routine, in other words, they get “stuffy” to look at all day long. the same code, the same process, the same screens, the same rules.

    The other day I was reading a story that suggested even the team’s total focus shift, at least one day a week. That, in turn, may be a bit overdone, but there are some viable ways to stay focused, and therefore the motivation of the team. Below are some points that are positive differentials in the daily life of a team:

  • Project Management

    Few things are as relevant to the productivity of a company as the management of their projects.

    Companies are overly concerned about finding a good, beautiful and cheap software application for project management.

    From my point of view, this is a wrong approach because before choosing a software tool for project management it is necessary to define and institutionalize the work process that allows optimizing the development of projects.

    The best software application is useless if you do not have a well-defined work procedure. However, with a common application and a sound project management methodology, great results can be achieved in the development of projects.

    Generally, when we raise the need to define a methodological process, companies start to tremble, because they relate it to a titanic task and of little use for their organization. However, the reality is very different, companies and their workers execute processes daily, although they are not aware. All they need is to stop and think about how they perform their daily tasks, unify the best practices and translate them into a document that is mandatory for all staff.

  • Human Resource Management

    Innovative products or innovative ways of working are usually successful by creating obsolescence. That is, leaving old products or processes obsolete.

    But this is not the case of recruitment. New recruiting techniques are introduced, as well as searching for candidates, interviewing them or working as a team, but never leaving behind. How can you be wasting so much time at this point?

    And you will tell me that these changes are for young people or other more modern sectors, that as a recruiter you work very well the way you are doing it, that you have always worked like this, that it has worked for you and that now you do not have time to learn.

    If we all had this mentality, I do not want to know where we would be. How can it be that in 2014, when you can do almost everything from the mobile, from opening the door of your house remotely, pay, or have any document or knowledge in a matter of seconds, still use paper?

    How can we work with paper and at the same time as a team? Sometimes I throw my hands to my head when some recruiters tell me that all the interview notes are written on paper, then passed on in a word and sent to their colleagues. 10 years ago, you did the same. Do not you think there are better ways to work? And when I say better, I mean faster, cheaper, more efficient, and without headaches to know where the information is.

  • Sales

    In order for the business to continue growing, every entrepreneur will, at any given moment, face the need to increase their sales. For this, he may choose to start a promotions campaign, increase his investments in marketing or take a long term measure as the team sales training.

    Of course, the last alternative is the one that will bring more results to the venture, since it will specialize the employees in order to make them more secure, assertive and efficient in the sales process. However, in order for training to have the desired effect, you must know how to do it the right way.

    Here are 4 secrets to making sales training really work for your business!



    Before starting the course, it is essential to make a diagnosis of the present performance of the sales area, and this includes an evaluation of the people, the sales process and the main outcome indicators.

    In addition to being an interesting way of building a knowledge base on the particularities of your business, this mapping will determine what the strengths and weaknesses of the team are, showing what should be reinforced by the course, and what aspects can be covered more superficially by already known to the sales team .

    This way you avoid wasting time on unnecessary issues, and you can focus on more relevant issues within your particular team.

  • Human Resource Management

    Times have changed and in the case of the workplace, one of those changes is the impulse of the new generations of workers towards a new way of assessing the compensations that a job can give them.

    The salary that employees receive at the end of the month is no longer so important if the company does not offer other types of non-economic incentives for which it is worthwhile to remain within the company. Is the theme sounding? Yes, we are talking about emotional salary.

    What exactly is the emotional salary?

    The emotional salary is all those non-monetary benefits that a company offers its employees in addition to their salary at the end of each month. That is, getting the job to morally fulfill the expectations of the employee in such a way that he sees a stable future within the company and does not want to change.

    Today workers look more for jobs where they can work to live and not live to work.

    We are before generations that give more value to the reconciliation of family and work life than to the economic retribution without more. For this reason, emotional salary is one of the fundamental keys to retain talent. But why?

  • Sales

    Every sales team needs to have clear and well-defined sales targets because even those who do not know where they want to go usually do not get anywhere. Targets are essential for achieving good results and, consequently, determining the success of sales.

    Setting goals for sales teams is a strategy that helps a lot in targeting actions, maintaining focus and motivation.

    Therefore, sales managers need to adopt some criteria to define the goals of their team and to enhance team performance.

    Do you want to know what criteria these are? So keep reading our article and find out!



    To be realistic and sensible in setting goals, it is crucial that you know the market in which the company is inserted.

    Try to know the growth percentage of the segment, evaluate the current supply and demand conditions, know the competitor and also the behavior of your target audience in relation to products and services.


    Sales targets should be based on analysis and financial projections.

    If the company is not in a comfortable situation, the goals should be directed toward reversing the difficult frameworks.

  • Human Resource Management