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The future direction of corporate sustainability

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 27, 2019 Business

As greater environmental concern grows with younger generations, I believe that the future direction of corporate sustainability movement will continue to grow to the point that sustainability will not be optional. In order to fulfill their own sustainability requirements, organizations will require their partners and suppliers to follow sustainability. This will raise the bar of sustainability quality across the board. With organizations like GRI providing a global standard for sustainability reporting requirements it will be easier for organization to understand how and what they should report. The role of corporate leadership in realizing this future is what we expect for any intuitive. Leadership must fully support it. They will need to prove this by creating the vision for the organization to follow. The vision must inspire. They will need to develop realistic goals that they can measure and report on. Leadership will need to communicate the value of initiatives. They...

Who are the biggest players in sustainability?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 26, 2019 Business

I believe that the two biggest players in sustainability are government and consumers. Corporations indeed have a role to play as they have the ability to research and develop new technologies to solve issues but I believe it is the consumer that drive these changes. Corporations can lead the market but if the consumer is not ready to accept new ideas they will fail. Consumers are the ones that vote for corporations, and technologies by buying products and services. Consumers are also the ones that elect their government who both creates new regulations and enforces them upon corporations. The truth is that all three groups influence each other. Corporations hire lobbyists to influence politician’s decisions which impact regulations. Corporations can also choose to lead the way by enforcing higher standards on themselves. The government has the ultimate power but they serve the people (consumers). They create the regulations and enforce...

What influence do shareholders have on sustainability efforts?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 26, 2019 Business

It is important that the investors believe in the company and its management. Shareholders react to gossip, news and rumors. If they feel that a company is being mismanaged or trying a new strategy far outside the element of the company’s core business shareholders will run fast. This means selling the company’s stock. Investors themselves may be interested in companies that work towards sustainability. Any effort to work towards sustainability can be seen very positively to potential investors. It may draw in more investments increasing the share price. Even though the stock price is not really the best indicator of the company’s value especially in the short term the company must monitor the stock price with any news released that may appear negative.

What followers want from leaders?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 25, 2019 Leadership

If we consult Maslow’s hierarchy of needs all individuals want to reach the top of the pyramid and achieve self-actualization. As a leader we can help ourselves and our followers at the same time by helping them to grow personally and professionally. The needs of a follower depend both on the work that the followers do and the personality of the follower. If the work involves repetitive manual tasks then the follower would be motivated for higher salary. If however the work involves higher thinking and creativity the motivation of the follower would be for higher needs. Leaders must ensure that they at least meet the basic needs for followers. It is best to make money a non-issue buy paying a competitive salary. This avoids the follower thinking about their lower needs. A leader needs to provide a vision and goals so the followers feel their work gives them purpose....

Waterfall versus Agile methodologies

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 25, 2019 Project-Management

With waterfall, the project moves in one direction after each phase is complete it moves onto the next phase. Agile on the other hand focuses on smaller iterations and has a focus on completing a minimum viable product. The best example that I heard of is if a client needs a car you don’t just start trying to build a car the first iteration is a skateboard which is a form of transportation like the car but extremely basic. The next iteration would be to add more features and build a motorcycle. This is much closer to what the client requested in fact the client might be happy with this product as is. Because of its nature waterfall methodology produces tons of documentation including diagrams because they have to get it right on paper before moving onto the next phase. Agile requires less up front documentation and has more chances...

Theory X and Theory Y management styles compared

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 25, 2019 Business

Theory X and Theory Y management theories originated in the 1960s by Douglas McGregor. Theory X and Theory Y management styles make assumptions about human behavior and are essentially opposites of each other. These are among the first theories discussed in business schools, and are fairly easy to understand as they are two completely different viewpoints and most managers are somewhere between the two. Theory X is a very pessimistic view of employees while Theory Y is much more optimistic. These theories seem to try to give to ends of a spectrum and there are other management theories that build upon these. Theory X employees hate work and will do anything to avoid it employees do not want any responsibilities what management says goes employees are not creative employees are motivated only by rewards and money the organization must have a well-defined hierarchical structure employees require close supervision, need to...

Why use prototypes in software development?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 24, 2019 Project-Management

Prototypes are not just about cost savings or catching errors. They help the development team to capture the right requirements from the business areas to build the correct product. Prototypes help the users to get their hands on something so they get a feel if the product will work for them. It increases understanding across all project team. Types of Prototypes There are different types of prototypes. Prototypes can be divided into wither low or high fidelity. Low Fidelity Prototype A low fidelity prototype is pen and paper. I sometimes do this when I meet with my clients and I need to clarify what goes where. I draw out simple doodle in very high abstraction. An image might be represented by a single box with an “X” in it. If multiple pages or screens are needed in the product, I might draw tiny screens on the page with arrows connecting...

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