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Removing fears

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Mind
Removing fears. Scary demon outside in fog. Man facing his fears.

Let us be honest, our past is a part of who we are. It is a part of our present even, as it has made us who we are today. The fears we have from past relationships influence how we build relationships today. Past failures are like ghosts who haunt us and prevent us from living our lives. We have to be rid of these fears in order to start living. It is time for us to face our demons. If your fears from the past are a part of your present, do not let them be a part of your future as well. Your brain is sending you signals that you should be on the lookout because something terrible from the past is going to happen again. Just believing those thoughts makes your fears come to life and prevent you from enjoying the present. Instead of welcoming new experiences...

Positive Body Image

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Body
Positive Body Image. Young woman on beach strecthing. Healthy living.

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.” You really have to love yourself first to get anything in this world. Even psychologists believe that one must love themself first. Whatever your size may be, whatever your complexion, it is very important to love yourself. Loving yourself boosts your confidence and courage in you. What is self-love? Self-love is the belief that you can do better, you are the best, and you have the power within to conquer the entire world. It is the belief that you are a valuable and worthy person. It makes you love yourself. You feel confident, no matter where you stand or what you look like. You believe that your life is precious, and you are worth it. When you fully accept yourself, including your flaws and imperfections, that is self-love. Why should you love yourself? Loving yourself is one of the most important...

Overcome instant gratification

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Mind

The urge to eat a whole bar of chocolate in bed. Hitting the snooze button for that extra 5 minutes of sleep. Going out with friends instead of studying. Buying things that you cannot really afford now. The urge to spend all of your time with your partner instead of working on your career. Do you have an instant gratification monkey in your head? When a rational decision-maker holds the wheel, you plan to get some work done. Then instant gratification monkey takes over the wheel, and you end up watching YouTube videos until 4am. As you could read at the beginning, instant gratification can come in many forms. So what is wrong with getting some instant gratification? After all, don’t we live only once? Isn’t life meant to be fully enjoyed? You should enjoy your life, but you should not waste it. Just consider how long you are supposed...

Minimalism- Living with less. How can it make life better?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Life
Minimalism interior dinning room. Clean, minimal realxing living space.

The world is growing at such a faster rate that it is very tough to get some time for yourself, your family, and your loved ones. Nowadays, people are so much engrossed in the daily work that they get minimal time for themselves. In the daily schedule of work and job, taking out time for oneself is pretty difficult. However, it is very important to have some fun and enjoyment in life. So, people have been continuously searching and trying to get something that may help them manage all this. A growing trend these days is Minimalism. Some people call it an art, some call it a way of living, while some say that it is a beautiful way to enjoy life. It is about getting rid of all the extra stuff in life and focusing on living life to the fullest. People believe that money is not everything. You...

Living a Healthy lifestyle

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Life

We are what we eat. This adage is the most accurate one when health is concerned. Our body reacts to the things that we consume daily. Hence, our health is entirely our responsibility. What is addiction? Extremity and addiction to anything is not good. The over intake of a food item or overindulgence in any activity can lead to many drastic effects in the life of an individual. When we talk about addiction, why do we only consider drugs and alcohol? The truth is anything when consumed in high amounts is harmful. Practicing moderation in everything is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life. Let us take an example Sugar is probably that one thing which is loved and craved by the masses. Today nearly, every condiment, which is processed in a factory, has some amount of sugar in it. The recommended daily sugar intake for a person is...

Living a Balanced life

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Life
Living balanced life. Zen stones statue balance on rocks near the ocean.

Do you feel like you are juggling many roles in your life? Let us face it, many of us struggle to have a successful career while maintaining a happy family as well as trying to have fun in the process. The truth is, the chase for wealth is often a priority of ours since we are doing it for our family as well… In addition, how could we afford to have fun if we were not so dedicated to our jobs? Our own well-being tends to be neglected in the process. The truth is, no matter how hard we work, only a few of us afford the luxury of having a balanced life. When I think about a person whose life is not balanced, I imagine a woman talking on the phone while holding a bag of groceries and closing the car doors with her leg. It seems like she...

Lessons from the experienced

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 19, 2020 Life

The older you get, the more you become inclined to focus on the deep aspects of life. Instead of being caught up in the superficial stuff such as money, appearances, and prestige, age becomes like the curtain that pulls away slowly, revealing to you what really matters. It is sad that by the time we grow to gain that wisdom, we could be too old to do much about it. However, while it is never too late to be who we want to be, we still can seek wisdom at any age. Let us consider six lessons of the aging and dying, which teach us how to feel more fulfilled in life, in addition to helping us to better understand our elderly loved ones. Never put off expressing your feelings Overall, politeness is preferred over authenticity in most cultures. However, having conversations based on our true feelings is a necessary...

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