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Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind

Have you ever thought about training your mind and gaining what you want? Do you feel you need to have more control over whatever you need in life? You can attract all that you need in your life by mastering the art of visualization. This is one of the daily tools to use and turning your dreams into reality. What is it and why people use it? Visualization is a method to prepare your brain for functioning in a certain way. As we have an idea that our brain does what think if we think positive, our brain draws us to behave accordingly. Using this method is effective for several reasons: Courage Positivity Creativity Energy Purpose Goals Habits Attainment of something Getting love Money Fame and job Whatever the reason is, this is easy and safe to use daily.Just sit back and relax so that you can begin this magical...

Stages of Life

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Life

Human beings develop and grow in certain stages. At every stage, there are some milestones to achieve and challenges to face. For every stage, natural processes take place and unique changes are seen. Here are the basic stages of the human life cycle from birth to death with the indicators of each of the stages. Stage 1 This is called conception and birth. At this stage, the prenatal development, nutrition and care define the child’s intellectual and other growth parameters in the future. Structure of cells and physical health are the main concerns. The crucial ingredients that an individual must seek are: Nourishment Stage 2 This is called infancy and toddlerhood. At this stage, the needs of learning through role models, parents and family members arise at which the language and movements take place. Safety is the main concern here and almost up to two years of life has sleeping...

Sadness, between Being Affected and Healed

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Emotions
Sad, depressed and worried young woman in window. Raining outside.

Doubtlessly, no one’s life is free from sorrow, grief, despair or even helplessness. There are moments in life that seem short and silly but are hard to forget for they can be the cause of depression for the rest of your life. Sadness is an inner feeling or an emotional pain that is characterized by feelings of disadvantage, anger, and disappointment. This blog is not written to underestimate your hard times but to show that if you submit to this pain, then say goodbye to your dream-achieving endeavors. What are the Factors of Sadness? You have to bear in mind that not everyone is affected by the same factor of this fatal feeling, but they might have the same appearance as a sad person. Stress Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that results from various situations in your life. In these situations where you feel under pressure,...


Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind

Thinking about the past can be very helpful since it can help you to prevent a repeat of problems you once created or help you to solve other issues faster in the future. Thinking about the future can also be very helpful as it can help you to plan adequately for a problem you might encounter. Thinking about the past and the future can, however, be very bad when taken or done in excess. Doing either of the two in excess is called overthinking. Overthinking is thinking about something for too much for too long. It usually has to do with thoughts about things that have happened and what you could have done to prevent it or what will happen and how you will deal it or handle it; only you never actually do anything physically. If you are wondering if you overthink, some signs could help you decide. If...

Mental toughness

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind
Strong mentally tough man. Fighter with grit. Hard working.

Mental toughness is used to refer to a set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with stressful or difficult situations. Most of the time, when mental toughness is spoken about, it is used to describe top athletes or some other very high performer, and a series of actions are prescribed to be carried out so you too can become mentally tough. Well, the truth is that most people are already mentally tough. At its core, mental toughness is all about having an effective method to deal with stress! Most of the high performers can deal with stress and still reach their goals. The average Joe on the street is also able to do this. What does the high performer have on Joe? Unlike Joe, the high performer is more likely to face stress in a positively conscious manner, while Joe is likely to face stress in an...

Keystone habit

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Habits

Habits may make or break us. They develop with us as we grow. The strongest habits are those that had been living in us throughout our early childhood. Think about why it is a happiness booster for some of us to go out on a walk daily and it is a punishment for others. Defining keystone habit and its importance! A keystone habit is that one single habit that has the strongest effect on us. We can change our life and make big improvements within us; we achieve great things in life by using the keystone habit. While the keystone habit may be positive or negative but the good ones make our life and bad ones break us sometimes. It is important to create change in our life either through four of these categories: Physically Emotionally Spiritually Intellectually When the already made habits work for a long time, this may...

Importance of Family

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Social
Impoprtance of family. Father, mother and baby snuggle in bed. Happy family.

We all want to belong, it is our inherent desire, and it’s why we cooperate, support common causes, feel nationalism, and that’s the reason for building villages, or cities. Fortunately, for us, that desire has been begun with loving parents and siblings in a home, which was our laboratory for experimenting with our potential, beliefs, and identity. Family is the first and the most critical place for involving in, as it meets our belonging needs in addition to having people by our side through hard times, providing us with confidence, and helping us to be strong enough to face our problems. Clearly, there is no doubt we all need to foster our family connections and enhance relationships within our families amid our daily routines get in the way of time together. To make things easier, here are some suggestions to do that. Don’t forget the special occasions and events Like...

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