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What are Virtues?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 21, 2020 Life

Virtues are the guidelines that provide us with a way to behave with others and our self. We know how to live in this world, what we have in our character and how we live every day with a purpose in this life. Some of them are what we practice already for example discipline, kindness, creativity, trust, gratitude and service. Origin and why they are important? It was all started in philosophy were Greek philosophers, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato defined the creatures in this world as the source of inner strength, balance and self-development through thinking and questioning. Importance of the virtues rests in various elements as they affect our personal and social life. They allow us to feel joy and attachment to others. Morality increases and trust is built so that we can love and help and forgive and find peace through these deeds. The four cardinal virtues This...

Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 21, 2020 Goals

Each one of us has that overwhelming wish to achieve something in his life. In addition, most of us at some point in our lives have a deep-seated hope in the future, and a burning desire to accomplish some great feats. This desire is woven deeply inside our human identity, not for mere survival, but also with a yearning passion to thrive. However, when it comes to making that goal a reality, we often do not actually follow through with it, and then we revert to old emotion-numbing behaviors. However, it is time to break those self-defeat patterns and make our goals happen. Achieve Any Goal by 7 Simple Steps Let us go from just saying we want something, to actually following through and accomplishing anything, we put our minds. Whether you look for wholesale changes in your life or just want to fine-tune it a little or even you...

How to learn patience

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 21, 2020 Mind

What is patience? The word patience itself is derived from the word “Pati,” which means to endure or to suffer. Patience is the control over your emotions and feelings under conditions such as anxiety, excitement, and grief. When anyone talks of patience, it seems to be a small deal, but it is much harder to practice then said. In our daily life, the life full of changes and difficulties patience becomes something significant. We quickly expect people around us to be patient but generally do not practice being one when it comes to us. Why are we having this problem? The problem of being “impatient.” Lifestyle The main reason I blame for us being so impatient is our lifestyle. The life we have these days is one in which we expect everything to be quick and fast. Everything these days either be it your way of communicating, your way of...

Healthy Eating

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 21, 2020 Body
Healthy eating. Healthy foods. Fresh salad, fruit and vegtables.

Healthy eating is determined by the use of a variety of natural foods to meet the needs of the human body. All nutrients must be taken in adequate amount. Balance in eating is the key to getting rid of high blood pressure, cholesterol and to maintain normal body weight and normal blood sugar. Complex carbohydrates Foods that are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber must be added in the daily diet, this includes whole wheat bread, brown rice, bran, legumes, and beans of all kinds.This also means avoiding the sugar and starchy foods like pasta, white bread and rice.B vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are transferred through these foods.Some ideas of daily inclusion are one bowl of oats with milk in the breakfast, one slice of bread as a snack, one cup of cooked rice in lunch and one cup of beans in dinner.All sort of grains is good for healthy...

Willpower - Limited Resource

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Success

The lack of willpower is the greatest obstacle to change; this is what was reported by 27% of the respondents in an America survey published in 2011. We base on willpower to continue our exercises, diet, quit drinking or smoking, save money, overcome delaying tactics and eventually achieve any of our goals. Willpower affects every single area of our daily life. However, while it is not a new concept, most majority of us do not have much awareness about it in addition to how to use it wisely. To figure out many amazing facts about your Willpower keep reading this article. What is Willpower, How it Works, and How it is Limited Most people have an intuitive sense of what willpower means but they lack the scientific knowledge to realize the forces that undermine it. According to the American Psychological Association, willpower is defined as: The ability to delay gratification...

What is Burnout and How to Deal With It?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind
Dealing with burnout. Stessed young woman at work desk. Over worked.

You have landed a new office job and want to prove your work ethic. It means going in early and staying late, working for hours and hours while dealing with high stress. Sometimes even working on weekends. Along with it, you always worry about your performance and future in the job. In time, you realize you have been neglecting your health. You lack energy and have zero desire to do anything. You have begun to show signs of Burnout. What is Burnout? Herbert Freudenberg first introduced this particular term “Burnout” in 1974 in his book - The High Cost of High Achievement. It is defined as “the lack of motivation, especially where one’s devotion to work or relationship fails to produce desired results.” Prolonged job stress leads to a reaction, which is characterized by: Exhaustion Cynicism A feeling of professional incapability. Burnout is not merely a result in long working...

What is a vision board?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Success

What is Vision Board and How to Create One How many of you are feeling anxious and uncomfortable about where your potential future may lead? Probably from time to time, every person has those feelings. They are usually extremely unpleasant, and often guides to different dark thoughts and prognosis that sometimes, by some strange conjuncture, comes true. If that were sounds familiar to you, then you also had to know that everything you are thinking about too much would eventually happen IRL. Are you ever wondered if there is any tool that can potentially help you to make this unnamed law work for you? If there is exist a unique instrument that can force your thoughts to flow in the right direction, how should it look? You can find all the answers down here. Just keep reading, my friend. What Is Vision Board? Vision board is an intellectual tool that...

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