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Mind your thoughts

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 23, 2020 Mind
Mind your thoughts. Young woman in window sits thinking about life.

Our world is the external projection of our thoughts; I am hungry becomes you eating. I am scared of you hiding under the bed; I will ace that interview becomes you preparing to ace that interview. Thoughts are the basic unit of anything we do; they come first before any action. If we understand our thoughts, we can ideally change our lives forever. What kinds of thought? On a typical day, several thoughts cross our minds. From thinking about feeding the cat to thinking about the work that awaits us in the office to how we will strangle our best friend for leaving us with that girl, she set us up with. Most of what we think about, however, does not register and stays in our minds for a very short time. If you were asked what you thought about at 2:17 pm five days ago, you are not likely...

Developing a Morning Routine

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 23, 2020 Productivity
Developing a Morning Routine. Woman stands in the morning light of an open window.

Several great people from the past to the present have had some morning routine, from Benjamin Franklin to Arianna Huffington. It would be safe, therefore, to say that this contributed to their incredible success. A morning routine is a series of things you do in the morning before going to your place of work. That said, you already have a morning routine. Several people have a morning routine that looks like this: wake up, hit the snooze button of the alarm, and sleep for another 30 minutes. Finally wake up, pick up the phone, check out what is interesting, find out you have little time to get to work, rush up and down the house trying to get ready for work. Are stuck in traffic and finally get late to work where someone then tells you that you forgot to rinse the shampoo of your head and that you are...

What Is Compassion, Difference between Empathy, Sympathy, and Compassion?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 22, 2020 Emotions
Compassion, Empathy and Sympathy. Woman comforts another by clasping hands.

Compassion, empathy, or sympathy are like close cousins. The three of them do carry different meanings but are very much related to each other, and this is the reason why people use these words for the same purpose. These three can be defined as the stages. The first stage is sympathy, which means to understand the problem/suffering, the second one is the empathy it means to be able to feel the pain, and the last one is compassion, which says, having enough courage to provide the solution. What is compassion? Compassion refers to the ability to feel the pain of the other. The person who feel compassionate for someone he not only feels the suffering of another person is going through but also provides the remedy through which he could get rid of such pain. Often, compassion is confused with that of empathy, but both of them carry a different...

Importance of having a Clear Conscience

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 22, 2020 Mind

The knowledge of doing good or bad is hinged on a system that is seated somewhere within us. When we do something not quite praiseworthy, we end up having questions in our heart- more like an inner critic (judge). This system in our souls was created by God to help check every act of ours. It raises alarms when we act unbecomingly. This internal system within us is the CONSCIENCE. What it actually means At birth, our conscience was clear, with no corruption or a sense of guilt. Along the line, we began to learn the right things and those that are wrong. A clear conscience means a conscience void of the guilt of a wrong done. This simple meaning can be extended to both God and man. With a clear conscience, we can stand before God and men with no accusation coming to obstruct our relationship with them. Conscience...

Growth Mindset

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 22, 2020 Mind
Growth mindset. Brain with math and science formulas. Creative and colorful artistic.

James and Peter are young men in their early twenties. James is tall and lanky. He also has a face that is not very remarkable. Peter is of average height, but he is also quite unremarkable asides from an unruly mess of red hair on his head. What makes these young men worthy of being written about has nothing to do with looks but has everything to do with the way they approach life. They are both brilliant college students who are preparing to enter the real world. Peter is all about getting as much knowledge as he can get, and as such, he is often seen trying out several things and trying to find ways ingenious ways to interact with them. He does this even with something’s he is completely terrible at. When he makes a mess of things, which he often does, Peter laughs at himself and usually...

Death and Dying

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 22, 2020 Life
Death and dying. Gravestone in cemetery. Outside trees.

Death is one of the scariest topics for several people. Our culture has learned to sidestep it in conversations. Death is terrifying for several reasons. We do not completely know what awaits us after. We are not sure if there is an afterlife or if blank, nothing waits for us. We have little control over happenings once we are dead. We leave those we love behind and leave several things undone. Dying is even worse. Except for terminally ill people, we generally do not know how fast we are dying. Worse still, the process of dying can be short and sudden without time to prepare for what happens after or very long and painful. How to deal with death and dying Despite the possible unpleasantness of death and dying, we all will go through it eventually. What then do we do about this? There are several approaches to dealing with...

What Is a Worldview?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 21, 2020 Mind
Worldview. Young woman, face and hands. Covered in paint in vibrant colors.

We usually heard about the philosophy of life. We also strive to know what the world is and why it has been created and what is our purpose in this life. We perceive the world with our senses and then make a belief about it. The use of our mind in thinking about this world is called our worldview. The following categories of beliefs are found in it. Epistemological These are thoughts that we have about knowledge and knowing.Our basis of knowing is nature and we validate as we live and experience the world.These beliefs about information are possible that creates an effect on our mechanism.The minds associate and formulate the links of all that we see with the eyes and the wisdom we build with the guidance about the universe.We tend to justify every thought when we have confidence in the reality of the beliefs we form as we...

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