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Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Life

Have you ever given someone your time or something else, without expecting anything in return? Well, it has been proven that such acts of generosity are good for your health! Isn’t it funny how you feel the need to pay it forward when someone has been generous to you? Research has proved that when you are generous to someone, they will start acting more generously toward other people for some time. The thing about generous people is that they are, in fact, healthier. Feeling grateful is for them a permanent state of being. Those who remain so mindfully thankful, rather than people who are temporarily grateful, engage in heather behavior, and are more relaxed, are less often sick, and even have a stronger immune system. Isn’t negativity actually easier than gratitude? Well, there are biological reasons for that. Our brains pay attention to stressors, so they focus more on things...

Focus on the good in others

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Social

Don’t you want to live a positively present life? Well, finding the good in others is an essential part of it. However, it can be challenging. It’s especially hard to focus on the good in others when you’ve been disappointed so many times… But let me tell you a secret – when you expect good from others, they feel more motivated to actually do good. Maybe you disagree, but I think that all people are essentially good. Just focus on their intentions if you don’t believe me. Even when people don’t do good things, most of the time, they did have good intentions. Focusing on the good in others isn’t about putting rose-colored glasses on. It’s about taking the smug-colored glasses off and seeing things clearly for the first time in a while. The truth is, when you focus on the good in others, you aren’t ignoring the facts, you’re...

Cherish every moment

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind

Moments pass, and they can feel like grains of sand slipping through your fingers. You can try to hold on to them, but you’ll eventually end up standing on the beach and looking at the sand without being able to see every single grain of sand that you held in your hands… What I’m trying to say is that time passes and moments get forgotten or stay in the past behind us. It seems like we learn the importance of cherishing every moment only when something bad happens. Does it really take a tragedy for us to realize that our lives are made of moments? Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, cause they might not always be around. You’ll regret not spending more time with them once you’re unable to. The thing about happiness and sadness is that they both pass. A moment of joy goes by...

Be present - here and now

Darryl Bachmeier Jun 9, 2020 Mind
Buddhist monk meditates outside practicing being present in the here and now

Moments pass and are soon forgotten, so what’s the point of them if you’re not going to live in the moment? What it means is being focused on the present and being there, completely in the moment. What’s happening now is all there really is. Forget about yesterday and tomorrow. Be present in the now. It requires awareness to master this. Your mind will not wander when you’re fully present and practicing awareness. It means being focused on what is happening right now and forgetting about the past and the future. Thinking about the past is memory, and thinking about the future is fantasy, so you cannot fully experience the moment except when you’re living it. Once you stop resisting and become present, you will feel a timeless level of love, contentment, and peace. By staying present in each and every moment, you will start living your life without waiting...

Writing your Personal mission statement

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 23, 2020 Life
Sitting at a table a young women is writing her personal mission statement.

A personal mission statement is as a compass set to a specific location. It is a powerful combination of words that sum you, your goals, and sometimes ambitions up. A personal mission statement is a mission statement designed for you. It is your mantra, your central dogma, and it gives you your identity. A personal mission statement is important because it is a simple tool that allows you to make powerful long terms decisions without worry or stress. In a simple example, if your mission statement states that you want to save the world via legal means, you would have no trouble ignoring illegal things. What a mission statement should not be An expression of who you are going to be A mission statement should be an expression of who you already are and not an expression of who you are going to be. The future is so far away....

Why You Should Track Your Time

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 23, 2020 Productivity

If you have never tracked your time before, you might be surprised to know that tracking time is a crucial thing that the most productive people do. It is hard to know whether you are using your time efficiently or not! It may seem that you are working hard, but do you really spend your time doing the right things? Tracking time can help you get a perspective on your life to determine whether the way you spend your time is right to your priorities. However, how it works, what you will learn from, and why you should do it? Let us dive into these questions and discover how tracking time affects our lives. Why You Should Track Your Time While there are countless benefits to tracking time, these benefits are my favorites! See how many hours you actually work—while you often tend to overestimate how many hours you work,...

Tracking your workout

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 23, 2020 Body

Workout and benefits What comes to your mind when you hear the word “workout?” It is most likely body exercise for a reason. Exercise is crucial to us as it offers many advantages. A major reason for engaging in exercise is weight loss and body fitness. For some other people, it is not to lose weight but to build muscle tone and strength. Research has also shown that a proper workout session helps to improve one’s mood, with this increasing the mental health status. There are many other reasons why workout is necessary. Why you need to track your workouts In life, we tend to track many things from sleep to water drinking and lots more. In the same vein, you must monitor your workout sessions. The intentional tracking of your workout provides numerous benefits. We will look at some of them shortly. Keeping a record of your workouts will...

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