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Mental toughness

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind
Strong mentally tough man. Fighter with grit. Hard working.

Mental toughness is used to refer to a set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with stressful or difficult situations. Most of the time, when mental toughness is spoken about, it is used to describe top athletes or some other very high performer, and a series of actions are prescribed to be carried out so you too can become mentally tough. Well, the truth is that most people are already mentally tough. At its core, mental toughness is all about having an effective method to deal with stress! Most of the high performers can deal with stress and still reach their goals. The average Joe on the street is also able to do this. What does the high performer have on Joe? Unlike Joe, the high performer is more likely to face stress in a positively conscious manner, while Joe is likely to face stress in an...

Keystone habit

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Habits

Habits may make or break us. They develop with us as we grow. The strongest habits are those that had been living in us throughout our early childhood. Think about why it is a happiness booster for some of us to go out on a walk daily and it is a punishment for others. Defining keystone habit and its importance! A keystone habit is that one single habit that has the strongest effect on us. We can change our life and make big improvements within us; we achieve great things in life by using the keystone habit. While the keystone habit may be positive or negative but the good ones make our life and bad ones break us sometimes. It is important to create change in our life either through four of these categories: Physically Emotionally Spiritually Intellectually When the already made habits work for a long time, this may...

Importance of Family

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Social
Impoprtance of family. Father, mother and baby snuggle in bed. Happy family.

We all want to belong, it is our inherent desire, and it’s why we cooperate, support common causes, feel nationalism, and that’s the reason for building villages, or cities. Fortunately, for us, that desire has been begun with loving parents and siblings in a home, which was our laboratory for experimenting with our potential, beliefs, and identity. Family is the first and the most critical place for involving in, as it meets our belonging needs in addition to having people by our side through hard times, providing us with confidence, and helping us to be strong enough to face our problems. Clearly, there is no doubt we all need to foster our family connections and enhance relationships within our families amid our daily routines get in the way of time together. To make things easier, here are some suggestions to do that. Don’t forget the special occasions and events Like...

How to Structure Your Day?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Productivity
Young professional man sits at work desk planning out his day.

What is life but our daily routine? Day to day rituals are a big part of our life. A proper daily routine followed devotionally makes us happier, more productive, and provides the freedom to do what we want. Most successful people structure their daily lives very carefully. They know the importance of discipline and habit. Having a proper daily schedule is necessary as it can help you to finish your daily task more early then that expected. Here are a some ways in which you can plan your day for maximum productivity: Change your bedtime A good morning is only possible with a good night’s sleep. Most people want to wake up early and kick-start their day, which is essential for a fully utilized day, but an early and energetic morning requires a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early. It is that simple. Putting off your phone and going...

How to get out of a rut?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Mind

Automatic negative thoughts do come in our mind without any reason. Our experiences make us fall in the same pit repeatedly. There is no doubt that our mind continues to think frequently and the thoughts unconsciously make us uncomfortable from time to time in similar situations due to our experiences. What is a rut? This simply means being stuck in a situation.There is a feeling of fear and failure that hold us back from moving forward, facing situations and overcoming the issues.This is similar to your cycle being stuck in a muddy hole. How to find when you are in a state of a rut? Our mind may have several frequent thoughts about the delay in trying out new tasks, changing routine or going somewhere where you never visit before. Think about taking a new road or route while you drive a vehicle. What causes it? There are many reasons...

How to get good sleep?

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Body
Young women in bed getting a good sleep. Resting and relaxing in bed.

Good sleep is one of the human beings basic needs. Let us find out how to sleep well daily for overall health benefits. Importance of good sleep Good sleep is beneficial for body functioning, cognition, immunity and relationship effectiveness. A sleepy person is usually unable to do something adequately. How much is enough? An average a person needs 7 hours of sleep every 24 hours but it may be more or less based on age, habits, occupation etc. Know when you are sleepy and respect this feeling Remember how many times do you yawn, feel the need to rest, and close your eyes during work. These are the signs when your body tells you to rest and take a nap. There is no need to only sleep for a long time. You can also do this for short duration many times a day so that your mind will be activated...

How to deal with change

Darryl Bachmeier Mar 20, 2020 Failure

Our life is a constant flow of various kinds of unlimited changes. Our metabolism changes as we get older, seasons change, the Sun goes up and down - everything in the universe keeps changing its state. We do not even notice most of the changes that passing by us every day. Most of us have much more exciting things to do. However, suddenly may arise the moment, when the renovations that happened with you may strike you back very painfully. Your wife or husband may die, they may leave you, or suddenly you will discover that you have cancer. Any of those problems and much more others may potentially make you feel yourself badly for an extremely long time. That is why it is genius to understand beforehand how to deal with such kind of changes effectively. Just to be prepared in case if something wrong will happened. Don’t Hesitate...

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