Benefits of Mind Mapping for Your Life

Darryl Bachmeier
May 13, 2019

Mind mapping can either be a tool for you or an exercise for your brain. And gaining a skill out of it brings tremendous benefits for you. Whether you are a student, a professional, or even a stay-at-home mom who is juggling tons of tasks, mind mapping can help you organize your thoughts better so you can give your day a better direction.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be creative to do mind mapping. In fact, mastering it can unleash your inner creativity. Mind mapping mimics how our brains work when brainstorming, and learning how to do it in the physical can help us jive with our brains.

While everyone else is scrambling to get the most effective digital tools to help them become more organized and creative, I find that they underestimate the capacity of their brains that way. Learning how our brains work, that is, like mind mapping, maximizes our potential and enables us to acquire more learnings as we go on with life.

Applications of Mind Mapping

The best thing about mind mapping is you can learn it. And you don’t need to shell out money to get its benefits. All you need is a willing mind and time to exercise it.

Getting a head start in mind mapping helps us train our minds to organize our thoughts. This way, we get a better hold of concepts, old and new, and access them from our memory banks any moment we need to.

For Students

Learning how to mind map helps students study smarter. Students are asked to juggle different subjects at a time and exam day is the most dreaded time of the semester.

With mind mapping, a student can shorten his or her time to study by turning the concepts and theories into something more visual. Since our brains love visual representations and store them easily, you can cram as much information as without overloading your mind.

For Professionals

Meanwhile, professionals can definitely apply mind mapping to a lot of their activities. Brainstorming sessions receive a lot of information and hanging insights. With the use of mind mapping, you can organize your team’s ideas early on so it is easier for you pro process them.

Aside from team activities, you can use mind mapping as a tool for strategic planning and decision-making. In creating marketing or any strategic plans for your business, you usually start on problems. With mind mapping, you can start asking questions, string those answers, and see their associations. This way, you can easily devise the right strategy that will turn your ideas into goals.

Practical Purposes

You can also use mind-mapping for simple organization purposes.

At a vacation

Say you are on a vacation, you can place the country or town in the middle and stream your ideas for your itinerary and must-try places to explore and foods to eat. Not only you were able to lay the essence of the place in one drawing, but you were also able to have a visual guide on how to go through each day without missing those musts on your list.

At home

If you are a mom who wants to analyze your household’s spending, you can discover a lot of insights from doing mind mapping. From those seemingly small but unnecessary purchases to big-ticket ones that just add nothing but clutter to your home, you get the whole picture and dissect its impressions.

Benefits of Mind Mapping

Aside from practical applications, the mind mapping activity itself brings benefits for your brain. Being at ease with how your brain works can help you maximize its potential as well as your gains in the process.

It helps you recall better

The most basic, but not the least, among the benefits of mind mapping for your brain, is helping you recall better. Over time, our minds become clouded with too much information and ongoings that it stresses our brains. Similarly, when faced with traumatic or challenging situations, our brains tend to undergo selective amnesia to cope or as a defense mechanism.

Mind mapping exercises are like small shocks in the brain. It cultivates creative thinking, which also helps us process stress and anxiety better. When our brains start to ease up their connections, we will be able to retain more information again.

It encourages purposeful learning

Versus rote learning which deals with pure memorization without much thought, mind mapping encourages purposeful learning that not only feeds our brain with information but also actionable insights. It helps develop critical-thinkers which are big assets for companies.

It makes learning and memorizing more fun

Mind mapping provides a creative and engaging way to learn and grasp theories, concepts, and other kinds of information.

It increases your productivity

As the song says, “A picture paints a thousand words.”, mind maps believe so, too. Imagine how much information you can fit your mind with 2-3 images alone! You minimize your time spent on jotting down concepts and understanding how they link with each other.

It breaks down hard concepts

With mind mapping, you can break down hard concepts into their nuclear form to help you understand them better.

It can scale up or down depending on your purpose

Mind maps are designed to be limitless, flexible, and scalable to help you process all kinds of information.

Final Thoughts

Mind maps are designed to help you convert your ideas into something more visual and easily digestible. By organizing your thoughts, you can process them better and turn them into benefits for your work, school, or personal life.

If you are planning on adding another soft skill, try mind-mapping today.

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