Attract love into your life

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 19, 2020

Young couple in love walk holding hands on the city street.

Love might as well be the meaning of our lives, don’t you agree? With love, everything is possible. It is the most magical occurrence that has been written about and sang about for ages.

Every single person in this world wants to have love in his or her lives. Why shouldn’t they? Humans are made to feel and share love. It seems like life suddenly has a purpose again once you meet the love of your life, and everyone is searching for that feeling. Still, not everyone knows how to attract love into his or her life.

You have to open yourself up to love. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid the negative ones. You need to know that they are supportive of you. Start putting yourself out there. Go out occasionally because the love of your life is not just going to fall into your lap while you are sitting on your couch. Try to feel grateful for things that you have so far, and find some self help books that could be of use to you. Chase after your goals that give your life purpose and it will attract more positivity into your life. Do not be judgmental and be as flexible as you can be. However, most importantly, you need to give that which you want to receive.

So, if you want more love in your life, start giving love. Once you start giving love, you will notice that it is everywhere around you… In the smile of a child, in the look of the old couple and in the footstep of teenagers holding hands… Once you open yourself to love, you will see that it has been around you the whole time.

Here are some ways to attract love into your life:

Love yourself

You have to love yourself in order for others to love you. You have to learn to love yourself first and get into the relationship for the right reasons. Do not enter a relationship just because you are lonely! Do it when you are genuinely in love. Before that happens, work on loving yourself. Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? It says that we attract into our lives that what we focus on. So, do not focus on the negative. The change starts with you loving yourself. Start by trying to speak highly of yourself. Are you always focusing on the negative? Are you your worst critic? By speaking negatively about yourself, you are attracting negativity. Convince yourself that you are a beautiful, loving, and happy person. Only then, will others believe you and think the same.


It is time for you to let go and leave the past in the past. Forgive yourself for everything you ever did wrong. Stop blaming yourself for the failures you had. It is an essential step to loving yourself, but do not stop there. Forgive everyone that has ever hurt you in any way. It is vital that you get rid of the ghosts from the past that are preventing love from entering into your life. Forgiveness will give you the fresh start you need. The person who has hurt you has probably moved on, so it is your time to move on too. Seeking revenge is a bad idea, and it attracts negativity into your life. Get rid of all that baggage, forgive and move on.

Be playful

You do not have to grow up. Let yourself open up and let yourself be playful. Be loving and fun, and you will attract people who are like that too. We are carried away in our responsibilities, and we forget to be playful, so our inner child suffers. Let it come out and play. Try to always see the lighter side of everything, and you will bring pleasure and joy into your life.

Be interested

Find something you are interested in and be enthusiastic about it. Maybe you have always wanted to become an actor, or you know your way around a kitchen. How about getting lessons? It does not have to be acting or cooking lessons, but anything you want. Pick up a new hobby or dedicate yourself to the one you have now. People who are passionate about something attract more people, and better quality people for that matter. By being interested, you become interesting. After all, having a life outside of a relationship is important, so do not forget about everything else but your love life. You attract love into your life when you put love into what you do.

Expect love

Change what you expect from life. Do you expect a lack of love in your life? Change your expectations. Start expecting love to come into your life. Do you want your soul mate to walk into your life? Make room for them to do so. Clean up the mess of the past relationships by getting rid of the things that remind you of them. Visualize your soul mate and describe them however, you find best. You can even empty a drawer for them, that way, literally making room for them in your life. It could serve you as a reminder that your soul mate will one day come, and it will be their little part of your home.

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