Are you the reflection of people you spend time with?

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2020

You are free to choose your actions and words. You have the power to change your outcomes. We all believe this myth; it is a myth because this is not applied to all the situations. Sometimes we are simply influenced by the social influence circulating us. We tend to behave based on the environment and the environment is made of people and other living beings along with climatic conditions.

Social influence and the human mind

Influence is uncontrollable as we are a part of this society we belong to we have 50% of its influence. But this also depends on several other factors for example, how easily we are convinced by others, how flexible we are, how much we pay attention to them, how frequently we interact within a certain social environment and so on. For example, if someone works in a bar it is more likely for the person to drink casually than the one who is a sales clerk in car service facilities. Still, there are very few chances for someone to take that influence because if the person has no family history of smoking and drinking this might means that the person does not prefer to drink.

Your beliefs and people

People affect us by changing our beliefs. This is very possible that our thoughts are changed with time because we adopt the thoughts of our friends in one way or another. For example, a person has a core belief that he or she is unlucky but due to a close friend, he or she starts believing that luck is with him or her all the time. This may happen because the friend has a habit of celebrating small success like getting an extra point in game, getting a star on a notebook and earning some extra money on a part-time job. The focus of the friends on a particular situation draws the person’s belief in the same line.

Your feelings and people

As the thoughts are changed due to the impact of people around emotions, our feelings and we are also molding accordingly. When children live in a home where the father is very harsh or teacher is very polite and the mother is very kind, the emotions of the people who live around us influence our emotions too. A person may not be habitual of speaking in a relaxed manner but a gently speaking partner has an effect on the irritable person’s communication. This effect can be opposite depending on the frequency and intensity of the emotions i.e. maybe the person who is irritable have stronger feedings that are transferred within the politely speaking person hence making him or her more restless.

Your actions and people

Another manner in which we can see the influence of others and the people affect us is with their behavior. A change in their behavior may change ours. For example, your colleague has a habit of throwing wrappers on the street and he does not wait for the garbage bin, after some days you may do the same under his influence but similarly, there are equal chances of not doing it because this is not in your habits and values to throw the garbage on the streets.

The kind of experiences are explained by the kind of people

In words, we may follow language more easily than the actions, mimicking the language and communication style is influenced quickly for example if someone has a habit of saying Alas a lot you may say it frequently when you are with them and even without them. We learn many things from others all the time, if our family member pats our shoulder when we are sad; we may repeat this action with them and so on.

You are affected by everyone as a whole

In short, all the people we meet and interact with have an impact on us. Sometimes a short meeting affects us a lot and sometimes we just ignore the actions of others because we are much focused on our own pattern of behavior. This is true for most of us that we are known by the company we keep but most of the times we are not completely become the same as our company. The impact may be temporary and differ from time to time. This is different for every individual.


The truth is that we are living in a pool and if some of the people around us have bad habits like smoking then it is still very unlikely for us to follow his steps because there are some people around us with good habits as well and we have their influence as well. Our values and beliefs have a stronger effect on the people we become rather than the influence of others. The genetics, upbringing and family environment have an equal role to play in our personality.

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