Are People More Lucky Than Others

Darryl Bachmeier
Jul 5, 2020

All our lives, we see some people getting more than the others even when they gave the same output. It makes us think that what possibly is the reason behind that? Why are we not achieving that particular thing by doing everything we can do that our friend did! That is when the “luck” factor comes into our mind and we keep on regretting and crying over not having that factor in ourselves as people do.

Luck is human-made thinking behind achieving things and getting things that the others are not getting. We see a couple getting married, the groom is a billionaire; the first thing that steps into our mind is how lucky the girl is to be with such a rich person. We see a match where both the teams gave the same amount of output according to us but in the end one of them wins, it makes you think about the luckiness of that particular team.

Luck is merely an outcome of intuition according to us but we still cannot deny the fact of how much it affects our lives, every day. Here are some kickass steps on how to become lucky;

The power of hard work

We see Bill Gates, the first thing that comes into our mind before even his profession is his income and his luck, but what we should be focusing on is, how exactly he became that?

The answer is, behind the success or luckiness of any person is the power of his hard work. We all start our lives from somewhere; some of us have more potential than the other but what distinguishes us is the level of our hard work. As you might have heard: “hard work always pays off”, which is a powerful phrase to motivate us. Whenever you are working hard and earning enough, you automatically get lucky in front of others, and that is how much hard work can change your life.

Trusting your intuition

One of the main reasons behind the luckiness of an individual is his ability to trust his intuition or gut feeling. It is the reason why lucky people are so quick to make decisions because they get certain feelings about something so, they don’t like to involve themselves in something, not giving them positive vibes or feeling undesirable.

For becoming a lucky person, you need to let your heart rule over your mind. Intuition is all about trusting your gut feelings before making a decision; this will impose a positive impact on your life. Our heart has a way of telling us something is good or not before any other thing.

So, the next time you are trying to be lucky, you should let your intuition play the game! It will change your immense changes like you will learn the feeling of being responsible for your own decisions, which will then lead you to a better understanding of your feelings next time.

See the glass half-full

Seeing a glass half full demonstrates that lucky people are also the ones who are opportunists. They see many possible scenarios and plan different things to achieve something in this life. They like to see the glass half full, which means they think there is always room for opportunities.

You will never find good fortune if you cannot take a step for yourself and not indulge in every kind of opportunity coming your way. It is also why lucky people are so reluctant towards working harder towards every opportunity coming their way and achieving them. With availing of the opportunities, you also need towards creating them for yourself by increasing your exposure and accepting every challenge coming your way.

Strong communication abilities

Lucky people are highly extroverted; they appreciate making new friends and talking to a diversified group of people. They don’t feel hesitation before talking or explaining themselves to anyone; they are completely transparent about their persona. They can almost talk to anyone on any topic, share their views. To become lucky, you need to have competent communication skills. A lot of people lack behind in life because they are hesitant towards talking to people or opening up to them.

The right amount of self-confidence will boost you enough to be lucky. It will open gates of success and ability for you and transform your life in the best way possible. Therefore, work on your communication skills if you don’t have one or improve them if you’re lacking it somewhere.

Have positive expectations

Lucky people have a positive approach to the difficulties and situations in their lives. You have to positively empower yourself enough to keep positive expectations from yourself as well as from outside. Never say no to a difficult task; if you can fix it.

This means that people who genuinely believe in themselves and their luck are highly favorable to achieve them. So, the next time when you’re sabotaging yourself, remember that a positive mind will lead to a lucky life.

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