Answer These Questions Before You Choose Your Battles

Darryl Bachmeier
May 16, 2019

Some battles, problems of causes are worthy of investing all you can and even more. Others are not. A wise person is able to make a clear difference between the two before he or she starts acting. You need to choose your battles in the same matter. Why this is essential? You won’t lose time, energy, and end up stressed. These are very good reasons in today’s world. Now, we will present you with questions you need to answer before you consider fighting for something.

Is that battle worth it?

The most common problem in this case scenario is choosing a battle that either isn’t very important or isn’t your battle in the first place. If you are dragged into a battle that belongs to another person, you will end up as a loser or an irrelevant winner. The best example can be when you stick up for a colleague at work. He or she must fight the battle, not you. You are an individual and as such you must focus on your own life and therefore battles.

Additional questions you may want to ask before you start are obvious. How important that battle is? Will it have a huge effect on your life? Will the result be important to you in the long-term? Answering all of these questions will give you a precise answer. Then you can move to the second, main question we will cover here.

Is winning going to have a massive impact on your life?

Yes, this question is closely related to the first one, but cannot be rated as the same. What if you win that battle? Will the result be extremely positive and will you have a better life or work? If the answer is yes, then you need to do it. If winning will help your team or yourself perform better, generate more income, or be happier afterward, it is definitely a worthy battle. On the other hand, we have battles that are not wise. What if you can lose your job or a friend? Then, a massive impact is negative and as such, you should avoid the battle.

The goal here is to consider and see all the possible outcomes. Create a list with pros and cons or better said, facts of what will happen if you win or lose. You will see from that very list how big of an impact the battle will have on your life. Just to add, most battles are not worthy of a fight.

Can you live if you avoid that battle?

Some people can avoid battles the entire life and live without any consequences. Others can’t. Imagine that you skip that very battle or you lose it. Can you live with the outcome? For some people losing is much worse than not fighting at all. For others, losing is something that can make a person stronger. Third may avoid a battle but this will ruin them afterward. They will constantly be reminded that they should fight. It is a common problem that those individuals develop a feeling of being a coward, which isn’t something a lot of people can live with.

Avoiding a battle can also mean that you will hold all of that energy, stress, and sadness inside of you. These are great things if you want to end up with depression or anxiety. But, if you want to have a normal and happy life, these should be avoided. The secret is to be able to look at yourself in a mirror after your decision and be satisfied.

Is fighting that battle the right thing to do?

In order to choose your battles wisely, you need to consider morality as well. Is that the right and the moral thing to do at that very moment or it is something completely opposite? A good thing is that when you are surrounded by other people who have a sense of morale, the risk of a fight is very low. Sadly, this also means that if you are surrounded by people without morale, fighting is imminent. If you want to do the right thing and consider that that particular battle is important, take it. Even if you can win, but you will do a bad thing or wrong thing, you should walk away.

Keep in mind that life is short and as such we should direct our attention to battles that are right and worthy. Losing the energy for nothing will not do you any good and you will end up sad or even worse. It is mandatory to add that every single battle has consequences. You must live with them!


Choose your battles wisely but using these questions we have prepared for you. Answer each one of them and try to get a long and honest answer. The outcome is obvious. You will avoid losing time, energy, and being stressed by choosing battles that are worthy and have a positive effect on your life. With a bit of practice, you will never choose the wrong battle again.

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