Amor Fati - The love of own fate

Darryl Bachmeier
May 11, 2019

Amor Fati is a two word phrase, Amor meaning to love and Fati is for fate, which makes it the love of your fate.

Life is so unpredictable and fate puts us in many unfavorable situations, you may feel distressed looking at the problems you are facing, you may lose hope at the point where nothing is getting fixed, you may experience a huge loss in your business, you may get stuck in chaos giving you extra depression.

All these situations will demotivate you, give you anxiety, and make you feel worthless if you keep overthinking about failure.

But Amor Fati is a concept that makes you feel relaxed and think that what happened was meant to be and you should focus on what is coming.

A concept to keep in mind

Amor Fati is not just two words but a whole combination of concepts, it is a mindset that everything happens for a reason, and no one is to be blamed for the decisions of fate. Whatever is in this life and the afterlife has been planned by one mighty God and no doubt he is the best planner and problem solver.

When you start thinking that your fate has been designed by a perfect sublimity, you naturally get the satisfaction to accept your life like it is. Your aim is not to blame for the losses but to move on and get over what happened to achieve better in the future.

This is the mindset that makes you go forward beyond the limits of impossibilities and leads you to a successful life.

How to grab Amor Fati in life?

There are ways you can divert your mind towards this sane mentality of positive attitude and highly effective life coping strategy of Amor Fati.

Be grateful for what you have

If you are in a bad situation that is not in your will to resolve, you need to think about all the good things in your life, remind yourself of the good memories, your family, your best friend and all the achievements you have my life, this simply makes you feel grateful for what you have and provides the confidence to look up and stay strong in hard times.

Better is yet to come

Don’t just sit on your couch after failure and start blaming yourself and others for the loss, keep in mind that life does not come to an end after minor losses and there is still something better to happen. It may take time and things will get settled eventually.

Don’t give up

Life is all about the ups and downs, it is not a parallel flat path that you run on to reach your goal, there are hurdles, ditches, thrones, sinkholes, and mountains to cross on your road to success. So if you fail once, it was your fate, and it is not promised to repeat again and again. If you try again you may succeed. This never gives up attitude is an essential extension of the Amor Fati concept.

Live it fully

You just understand that good and bad, both are part of life, just like you cheer up in good times, enjoy that party and have that luxury dinner, you also have to live the problems to live life fully. Living the good times and ignoring the bad ones makes your life dimensional and it means you are not completely alive in your life.

Know the value

Dark makes you appreciate the light. If you never had a bad day you can never appreciate the good days in life. Accept the bad days as a tool to find the value of the good days.

Get a good lesson

Success gives you great satisfaction but failure is as important as success is, as it gives you great lessons. The output of a good experience in life is considered a gain, but why is bad experience considered a loss? The Amor Fati concept contradicts the loss perspective and tends you to see the gains in a loss. This is the gain which we call wisdom and comes from practice.

Love your fate, love your life!

Don’t just stress over what has happened or what is coming next, don’t go straight into calculating profit and loss from situations, don’t measure life because you are never gonna find a scale for it.

Just enjoy it, face your fate, love it, and live it completely.

Gift the life to the years you are spending in this world, cherish every day, cherish every inhalation and exhalation, and dance with every beat your heart produces.

Don’t go dead before death by crying over the spilled milk.

Accept life with a cup of tea that is sugar-free and a pastry as a complement, because you only live once.

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