Accounting Templates

Darryl Bachmeier
Mar 20, 2019

Balance Sheet


Current Assets Cash in bank Accounts receivable Inventory Prepaid expenses Other current assets

Total Current Assets

Fixed Assets Machinery & equipment Furniture & fixtures Leasehold improvements Land & buildings Other fixed assets

Total Fixed Assets

Other Assets Intangibles Deposits Goodwill Other

Total Other Assets Total Assets Liabilities and Equity

Current Liabilities Accounts payable Interest payable Taxes payable Notes, short-term Other current liabilities

Total Current Liabilities

Long-term Debt Bank loans payable Other long term debt

Total Long-term Debt Total Liabilities

Owners’ Equity Invested capital

Total Owners’ Equity Total Liabilities & Equity

Here is the template document Balance Sheet XLS doc

Cash Flow Statement

For the Year Ending Cash at Beginning of Year Operations

Cash reciepts from Customers Other operations

Cash paid for

Administrative expenses General operating and Income taxes Interest Inventory Wages

Net Cash Flow from Operations Investing Activities Cash receipts from

Sale of property and equipment

Cash paid for

Purchase of property and equipment

Net Cash Flow from Investing Activities Financing Activities

Cash receipts from

Issuance of stock Borrowing

Cash paid for

Repurchase of stock Repayment of loans Dividends

Net Cash Flow from Financing Activities Net Increase in Cash Cash at End of Year

Here is the template document Cash Flow Statement XLS doc

Income Statement

The Income Statement includes the following items to get you started. These are amoung the most common you will find. + Revenue + Sales revenue + Other revenue + Total Revenues + Expenses + Advertising + Bad debt + Cost of goods sold + Depreciation + Employee benefits + Furniture and equipment + Insurance + Interest expense + Maintenance + Office supplies + Payroll taxes + Rent + Salaries and wages + Software + Travel + Utilities + Web hosting + Other + Total Expenses + Net Income Before Taxes + Income tax expense + Net Income Here is the template document Income Statement XLS doc

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