5 Ways to develop your Leadership Skills

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 8, 2019

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader,” said John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States. There are those who think that leadership skills are innate, that one is born as a leader, but the truth is that we can all become people capable of motivating and leading work teams.

Five leadership skills that you must cultivate

  1. Develop your communicative skills

A good leader should be not only able to convey his ideas but also practice active listening clearly. That means that you must show genuine interest in the ideas and opinions of the people that make up your team, not reject them in advance without having carefully evaluated them and never disqualifying them, even if they are not the ideal solution.

It is also important that you pay attention to your body language as small signs, such as frowning or crossing the arms over the chest, indicate that you want to establish a barrier with your interlocutor. Responding quickly to the concerns of workers establishing different communication channels will help generate a sense of closeness so that everyone will feel freer to express their opinions and provide valuable ideas for the company.

  1. Broadcast your vision of the project

Many entrepreneurs have great ideas but are not able to transmit them, so they end up generating an environment of uncertainty that affects productivity. You must get the workers to share your vision of the project and commit to the goals of the organization. To achieve this, it establishes precise and measurable objectives, assigning each team member a specific role and functions within the company, so that they can know how they can contribute to the mission of the organization.

  1. Encourage team work

One of the most important leadership activities is to encourage teamwork and the achievement of common goals. To do this, you must promote the best of each team member, assigning tasks according to their abilities and training, so that they can provide real value to the organization. Make sure you distribute the least pleasant tasks among all and reward a job well done. Do not forget that motivation and leadership go hand in hand. A study conducted by Glassdoor revealed that 81% of employees say they are willing to work harder when their bosses show them that they appreciate their work.

  1. Activate your Emotional Intelligence

The leadership skills are closely linked to emotional intelligence, the ability to perceive and manage their own and others emotions. In fact, the great leaders are not those who have the highest intellectual quotient but the most emotionally intelligent, as Daniel Goleman discovered.

Emotional Intelligence begins with the ability to recognize and identify your emotional states, understand their origin and control the first impulses. You do not have to become an analytical leader because you must also listen to your intuition, but you can not make lasting decisions based on passing emotions. The second step is to learn to manage the emotions of others so that you can resolve conflicts assertively by putting yourself in the place of the other. Small details like giving thanks, smiling or listening attentively to a partner’s problems can make a difference.

  1. Power creativity

Leadership activities are not limited to the management and motivation of workers, and a leader must also be a creative person, able to propose innovative solutions and turn problems into opportunities for growth. It is important that you maintain an open mind that allows you to assess all possible proposals and solutions.

A study conducted by the market research company Forrester revealed that most creative companies are 3.5% more likely to increase their profits by 10% compared to other organizations in the same sector. Apply group techniques to encourage creativity, such as brainstorming or forced connections, and make sure that the physical work environment is comfortable and inspiring.

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