5 Simple Tips to Help You Be A Role Model to Your Kids

Darryl Bachmeier
May 9, 2019

Picture this. You are coming home after a long day at work. You are so tired that putting one foot in front of the other is almost torture. But the moment you hit the driveway, three little humans jump out of the house, chirping like little birds, running towards you.

One grabs your leg, the other one clings onto your other leg, and the youngest jumps on your stomach and tightly wraps her cute little hands around your neck. The four of you embrace in a warm, tight group hug.

And for a moment, they don’t care what you brought home for them. The children are just happy that mommy/ daddy is home. And you are so excited that the people you work so hard for are jubilant to see you.

Saying that you love your kids is an understatement. You love them so much that you protect them with your life. You always want the best for your kids. That’s why you work like a horse and give up so much for them.

I know beyond a doubt that if you choose between breathing and loving, you will use your last breath to tell your children you love them.

The best way to ensure that your children turn out as exceptional humans in the future is to be a wonderful role model for them.

See How History Repeats Itself

Do not even try to deny it. You have heard these saying;

  • Apples don’t fall far from the tree.
  • He’s just like his dad.
  • A chip off the old block
  • He’s just like his father.
  • She is indeed her mother’s daughter.

Simple observation, psychological research, and common sense have proved that children usually grow up to imitate their parents’ attitudes, beliefs, and behavior.

For example

  • A child whose parents smoke is likely to become a chain or hefty smoker.
  • Children whose parents abuse drugs or alcohol are more likely to become substance abusers in the future.
  • A son who witnessed violence in his home is more likely to become violent and beat up his wife.
  • Grown-ups who experienced violence as kids are more likely to mistreat their kids.

Children copy moral behaviors they witness in their parents. For instance,

  • You have seen many generations of the same family pursuing the same professions- a kid who wants to be a lawyer just like his great-grandpa, grandpa, and dad.
  • Children raised in a home where parents ate a healthy diet will also eat healthy in their homes.
  • Children whose parents valued education and pursued it are more likely to achieve the highest education qualifications, unlike those whose parents are school drop-outs.
  • Children brought up in a home where love and brotherhood dwell are more likely to nurture love and happiness in their marriages.

Do you see how you live your life and can influence your child’s life? Do not worry, though. You may not have made the best decisions so far. Maybe you dropped out of school.

Maybe you drink like a fish and spank your kids from time to time. Perhaps you argue and have occasional catfights with your partner in front of your kids.

It’s not a must for history to repeat itself.

Your children can beat the odds and become the opposite of what you expect of them. But you have to play your part. All is not lost. You could become an excellent role model, even if you had none. Here’s how.

But first things first.

Who’s a Role Model

A role model is a person others can imitate their success, behavior, or example, mainly by younger people. Hmm. That sounds like a tall order! Worry not. You can do it.

How to be a Good role Model to Your Children.

As you know, children learn by watching. So, whatever you are doing, always know that someone is watching. And not just watching, they are watching and taking notes, and when the time is ripe, they’ll be happy to practice what they’ve learned in your school.

Being an exemplary role model needs self-control effort, and calculation. Your children are watching your beliefs, actions, and attitudes all the time.

Your children will blend these things in their lives. So, it’s crucial to be deliberate about what steps you establish for your children. They are like the invisible masters who watch your every move but say no word.

To be a role model doesn’t have to be a long-drawn-out affair. Start with small things such as

Walking the Talk

Do not preach water, yet you drink wine. Practice what you preach. If you do not want your kids to fake sickness to skip school, do not ask for sick off at work and spend the day lying on the couch watching TV. Children are intelligent people. They read between the lines.

Analyse your Attitudes and Actions

How do you act in front of your kids? Be careful how you;

  • Take care of yourself - eat a healthy diet. Keep time. Exercise regularly.
  • Handle frustration and stress - Try not to yell and shout at your children.
  • Handle your problem - Do not blame them for your mistakes.
  • Express your anger - Do not vent out your frustrations on them.
  • Treat other people well - Show empathy and kindness towards others - Avoid sounding cold and mean.
  • Deal with your competitors - Accept that someone will always be better than you. Let them know right from the beginning that all people can’t be equal. Somebody will be prettier than them, richer than you, more educated than you, and it’s ok.
  • Celebrate special occasions- do not get overly drunk. Be modest.

Shape your Children Through your Words

Children watch and listen to you. How do you speak to your spouse, neighbors, friends, and every other person you meet? Show them to respect others through the tone of your voice and choose your words carefully. Avoid calling people names.

Let your words show respect for people’s different opinions. Do not torment your kids with harsh words whenever they do something wrong.

Develop Strong Relationships with your children

See this. A three- and half-year-old sees her sister fall off her bicycle and starts crying. He runs over and rubs her back like he’s seen his mummy do. This baby is learning to sympathize with her and show her he understands her experiences and feelings.

If you want your kids to turn out this way, start cultivating it from an early age.

  • Give them unconditional love regardless of where you live.
  • Always listen to them attentively while passing no judgment.
  • Do fun activities with your kids- swim, ride a bike, or take nature walks together.
  • Hug your kids and let them know that you love them.
  • Let them know that they can trust you and can talk to you about everything.

Last but not least, Forgive and Forget

Don’t you tire of your mum or partner when they keep bringing up past mistakes, even if they have nothing to do with your current blunders?

It sucks like crazy. When your children make a mistake, let it go. Don’t unearth it when they are in trouble again and raise hell over it. After all, love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.

Wrapping up

What type of people do you need your kids to become? Do you want them to be loving, courageous, responsible, and hardworking? Cultivate these values in them through your actions.

No one expects you to be a perfect parent, but you can do better. Children are great at imitating, so give them something magnificent to copy from. If you do so, the world will be glad you lived.

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