4 Tips for Increasing Productivity for Your Business Sellers

Darryl Bachmeier
Apr 13, 2019

No matter what position or level you occupy in a company: every professional need to work productively. So we’ve separated 5 tips forincreasing your company’s vendors’ productivity. Be sure to check it out!

He who does not bother to organize his processes and demands will end up causing great losses for the enterprise where he works, as well as for himself.

And in the case of a sales professional, the clutter may be enough to make you lose chances of closing deals and winning new customers. Therefore, it is essential to find the best way to organize day-to-day processes in order to achieve an increase in productivity.

When the salesperson makes certain changes in the way he works, he gets a much more efficient routine and, as a consequence, more time to devote to each task.

4 Tips for Increasing Sales Productivity


Taking control of your demands is one of the most important points for the daily organization of a sales professional. To do this, you must be able to handle your agenda and your commitments.

The timing should work in favor of your productivity, not the other way round: The longer the vendor loses reorganizing commitments, the worse your productivity can be considered.

To avoid problems, therefore, build a simple system of priorities for your appointments and categorize them appropriately by triggering electronic reminders and deactivating them only after the task is completed.

Whenever you need to open the calendar to schedule an event, remember to prioritize it properly so that it does not impact the rest of your day and week.

A good professional is not one who seems to be always busy, but one who is organized enough to deal with his daily tasks and with unforeseen circumstances.


This means not letting your inbox get crowded with emails that have to be addressed and priorities that need to be met.

In addition to diminishing the credibility of the professional, an out-of-control email box can also lead to loss of clients and contracts.

Good methods related to emails are, for example:

Sort your inbox by date and separate messages read (and answered) from unread. Filter messages that do not require immediate resolution so they fall into a different folder than the inbox, thus preventing the seller from wasting unnecessary time by checking them.

Make use of predetermined answers to similar demands, remembering obviously to make the appropriate adaptations for each case.


ASales CRMis an application or group of applications focused on optimizing many of the work processes of a vendor, such as a reseller application.

Through this tool it is possible, for example, to organize all the information related to the clients in order to facilitate their consultation and use.

The salesperson who has access to a good CRM tool will be able to serve their customers better and have a much richer base of knowledge about them and the services they request, thus achieving a good increase in sales productivity .


In addition to maintaining an up-to-date schedule, many professionals find a great increase in productivity by starting a specific ritual the night before the workday.

Basically, it consists of assessing the priorities and demands of the next day and preparing quickly to deal with them, re-evaluating the organization of the day’s commitments and prioritizing the tasks properly.

This is the best way to keep the day’s tasks organized so that any unforeseen events can be adapted to the existing organization.

One should not try to find all the paths alone. The team that needs a more productive course and does not have much time available can enjoy all the advantages of a sales consultancy. This type of service will present all the tools that professionals will need to reorganize their processes and achieve better results.

This is the best way to keep the day’s tasks organized so that any unforeseen events can be adapted to the existing organization.

There are several ways to get more productivity in the work environment, and this search alone has great benefits. After all, every professional who is always trying to find ways to work more efficiently will already be ahead of his competitors.

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