4 Simple Tips to Help You Learn How To Network Like A Pro

Darryl Bachmeier
Jun 11, 2019

Networking is not all about collecting contacts; it’s about planting relationships.

Nowadays, there are several ways to learn and grow your business. For instance; you can read as many blogs as you want, listen to podcasts, watch educational videos on Youtube, or attend webinars,

So, why would you have trouble with the expense and time that comes with attending networking events?

Well, if your business culture is “always learn, always improve,” you have to learn how to network so that attending such events can be beneficial for your business.

Attending a networking event has many benefits. Let’s look at a few of them.

Forces you to Leave your comfort zone.

Attending networking events and conferences has a way of forcing you to get out of your comfort zone. You can easily watch a short webinar on the privacy of your home or office.

You’ll also break no sweat when listening to an excellent podcast. Similarly, you won’t face the trouble of learning how to make small talk when watching an educational Youtube video.

However, when attending networking events, you must learn how to make small talk to interact with other people without feeling left out.

Some people were born great networkers. But for others, live events that require them to meet and interact with other people can be challenging.

Getting out of your comfort zone is the push you need to learn how to network profitably.

If the thought of attending a networking event terrifies you, bring a colleague to keep you company as you try to reach out to other people.

Helps you to meet and connect with Key Individuals in Your Industry

During a networking event, you meet with others. Influencers in your sector. You hold similar positions with these people.

They could also be having a job that you are striving to attain and have useful insight into your specialization area.

They can motivate and inspire you. These professionals can also refer you to other heavyweights in your industry.

Attending just one networking event can change your life for the better as you can meet and connect with a particular professional who will offer you a unique opportunity.

Get An Opportunity to connect with Many People who would Never Meet

When attending networking events, you have the advantage of interacting with various people with different backgrounds in several fields. Speaking with people in different industry backgrounds can give you new distinct insights. These people can also teach you something different from your industry but helpful.

Other Benefits of Attending networking events are;

  • Help you develop strong working relationships.
  • Keep you inspired.
  • Help you stay updated on emerging trends.
  • Gain more valuable insights into your business.

Now that you have seen the benefits of attending networking events let’s learn how to network like a pro.

How to Network Like A Pro

Some people attend networking events to obtain referrals, job leads, exposure, chances to grow their businesses, and meaningful connections.

Some of these people leave these events angry and disappointed. They vow never to attend such events in future and dismiss them as a waste of their precious time.

On the flip side, some leave these events whistling all the way home and look forward to the next one. These people go with a few business cards feeling excited and inspired.

The big difference between these two groups of individuals is this:

The individuals who leave happy participate with only one aim in mind. They came to the event to puzzle out how they can help others who attended the event.

Authentic networking happens when there’s the knowledge that everybody in the room has proportionate value.

Networking events are about;

  • People enjoying other people’s company.
  • Communicating Listening to our people’s points of view.
  • Sharing and connecting with the people you share similar passions.
  • Figuring out other’s needs.
  • Connect with individuals you think may be helpful.

You do all the above things without any plans for personal gains. To be a successful networker, strive to create genuine relationships and give more than you receive.

Attend these networking events with an open mind and quit thinking, “what I’m gonna get from it?” and ask, “ How can I help somebody?”

We have conducted in-depth research and have come up with simple tips that can help you leave these events whistling all the way home.

Begin Networking Long Before You Require It

Many skilled networkers can smell desperation stench miles away. Some people can sense when somebody is looking out for his interest and want to help himself only.

They can tell it by a terrified look in the eyes and portfolios overflowing with your resumes. Approaching a professional with such items in such an event will make them run away from you.

Focus on building a working relationship before trying to promote yourself.

Know Everyone is Important

As earlier said, people who attend such meetings have equal values. Your job is to discover value in everyone you speak to. Ask meaningful questions and listen attentively to the answers given.

Never discount anyone due to his title. Somebody you come across may “ just” be a driver but might have priceless knowledge or connections you would never get had you dismissed them in a hurry.

Remember what everyone had to offer at the end of each conversation.

Have an Actionable Plan

Because every individual has some hidden value, it’s crucial to identify what yours is. Know the following things before attending any networking event. Understand your:

  • Skill Sets
  • Connections
  • Talents
  • Strengths

In other words, know what you can bring to the big table. Plan what you need to discuss, especially how you can be able to assist other people. Both now or in the coming years.

Ignore Your Troubles

Though the temptations to talk about your problems may run high, please, do not give in. Picture this.

You are speaking to a human resource manager of a specific organization, and you know they are hiring through the dairies you read in the morning.

You hate your current job, and you would do anything to land a job you saw in the papers. You have all the qualifications and have already applied for the job.

And you have struck a chord with the hiring boss. Will you not be tempted to mention your name to him?

Don’t make that mistake.

Make it your aim to be friendly, open, and honest. Aspire to build valuable connections between different people who can help one another.

Generosity is a beautiful quality, and many people will remember you for it several years down the line.

To learn how to network effectively, attend as many networking events as possible. Strive to keep your word. If you promise to help somebody after the event, do your best and do it. Give more than you receive, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of such events for a long time.

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